Police Officer Rescues Lost Monitor Lizard From Becoming Roadkill Near Nicoll Highway

Neighbourhood Police Rescues Monitor Lizard From Busy Road In Kallang

Our dedicated men in blue are known for safeguarding everyone’s safety, and that includes wildlife creatures too.

On Sunday (19 Apr), the people behind education website Just Keep Thinking spotted a monitor lizard in the middle of a busy road near Nicoll Highway MRT.

Thankfully, a couple of police officers were in the area as well. Upon being alerted, they fearlessly tried to rescue the reptile.

And lucky for us, we didn’t get to miss out on the action as the entire process was recorded.

Police officers alerted to monitor lizard on the road

Speaking to MS News, one of the admins of Just Keep Thinking, known as Biogirl MJ, said they were walking along the park connector of Kallang Basin near Nicoll Highway with friends to take drone shots.

That was when they saw a monitor lizard that was smack in the middle of the road.

[We] tried to alert drivers to make sure they avoid the lizard. We also hoped the lizard will go away by itself, but it didn’t.

Coincidentally, MJ said they saw police officers patrolling the area.

Her friends quickly alerted them to the reptile’s dangerous situation and they sprung into action.

Monitor lizard was chilling, oblivious to danger

From the videos, we could see that the monitor lizard is chilling in the middle of a busy road, oblivious to danger.

That’s when one of the police officers approaches it and tries to coax it into moving to the side.


At one point, the officer even points towards the side of the road, hoping that the lizard would heed his advice.


But nope, it doesn’t seem like it understood human directions.


Successfully moved to the side of the road

In another video, the officer successfully moves the monitor lizard to the side. He gently lifts it by the rear and tail, and places it onto the grass.


All’s well that end’s well. Kudos to the officer for saving the monitor lizard’s life.


In the background, we could hear people clapping and cheering, “Wahhhhh, these guys are the best!”

We eventually see the officers releasing the lost monitor lizard into Kallang Basin. One of them even waves at it, bidding it farewell.


All in a day’s work for our officers in blue.

Glad that the reptile was rescued in time

The monitor lizard was evidently lost, and ended up wandering into the open. Luckily for this little critter, our kind officers were at the right place and at the right time.

Otherwise, it could have been a roadkill victim. Kudos to our police officers for rescuing it in the nick of time.

If you ever encounter a monitor lizard in our urban jungle, you can also call the ACRES wildlife rescue hotline at 97837782, so they may help relocate it.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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