Rainbows Appear In Western S’pore On 2 Consecutive Days, Brighten Spirits After Rain

Rainbows Came As Evening Approached & Wet Weather Ended

Over the past few weeks, Singapore has been experiencing thundery showers in the afternoons and evenings.

While the wet weather may dampen one’s mood, the good thing about rain is that it sometimes brings about a gorgeous rainbow after it’s done.

For residents in Western Singapore, they even managed to see 2 consecutive days of rainbows this weekend, including a faint double rainbow on Saturday (12 Mar).

A double rainbow in Jurong East

Rainbow as evening came

On Saturday evening, the rain poured down as would happen often in early Mar, the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) predicted.

But as the sun went down and the day turned towards night, the rain also started to wane into a drizzle.

In its place, some were lucky to catch a colourful sight.


A resident witnessed the beauty from her window between 6.25-6.40pm, with the visible raindrops showing how it had just stopped raining.


Faint double rainbow in the West

Those in Western Singapore, however, reported a faint double rainbow, with the one above much fainter than the one below.


The double rainbow was visible in this photo taken by in Jurong East.


A resident near Jurong Lake also managed to capture the magnificent arches.


Another lady managed to take a photo of it while driving through Clementi.


Another resident in the West said she’d seen the phenomenon while she was closing her window due to rain.

After the rain stopped, she was delighted to notice that they had remained.


It was apparently a treat that rewarded the very observant, as even the main rainbow was quite faint at times.


A photographer in the West however took a photo that showed the colours in stark contrast to the grey skies around it.


Another resident caught the rainbows lighting up the sky over Little Guilin in Bukit Batok.


Rainbow also seen on 11 Mar

Better still, a rainbow was also seen on Friday (11 Mar) – meaning this weekend was blessed with rainbows on 2 consecutive days.

Tuas Link MRT, which is no stranger to stunning sights, bore witness to the tail end of a rainbow at about 6.45pm.


The rainbow looked as if it came out of the clouds to bless the cranes below.


The rainbow was also seen near Bukit Timah Hill, where a lucky woman snapped a photo of the 2 natural wonders together.


A resident of Block 703, Jurong West Street 71, got to see the rainbow amid the backdrop of a glorious sunset.


Hope cheerier times will come

The past weeks haven’t been filled with good news, from the Ukraine invasion to the impending GST rise and sky-high petrol prices.

However, it may not be a coincidence that rainbows appeared in our skies after the announcement of streamlined Covid-19 measures.

This means favourite activities like outdoor BBQs may take place again.

Hopefully, the 2 days of rainbows and the double rainbows are a sign that the cheerier times will come, and Singapore will prevail after the rain passes.

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Featured images adapted from Abdul Rahim Amat on Facebook, HY Yeoh on Facebook and Mavis MH Lee on Facebook.

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