Ronaldo Appears Irritated As ‘Auntie’ Keeps Touching Him, She’s Actually Former S’pore Actress Wong Li Lin

Ronaldo Appears Irritated As Wong Li Lin Touches Him During Botanic Gardens Visit

Last weekend, football legend Cristiano Ronaldo paid a visit to our sunny island.

From taking a walk in Botanic Gardens, to playing a game of Padel at Victoria Junior College, swarms of fans followed him wherever he went.

However, netizens pointed out one particular ‘auntie’ who got especially close to the star, touching his arm repeatedly during his Botanic Gardens visit.

Source: @_irwannshahh_ on TikTok

Turns out, the ‘auntie’ is actually former Singapore actress Wong Li Lin.

Woman keeps touching Ronaldo during Botanic Gardens visit

During Ronaldo’s visit to Botanic Gardens, many participants took videos of the event, posting them onto TikTok.

While the main focus was the legendary football player, one other person that stood out was the woman sticking closely beside him.

She appeared to be holding on tightly to Ronaldo’s arm, touching it repeatedly.

Source: @_irwannshahh_ on TikTok

In another video, she also touched the footballer’s waist as she guided him up the stage at Victoria Junior College.

Source: @antibiothick on TikTok

Netizens noticed that Ronaldo appeared irritated, possibly because of her actions.

Netizens confused by her actions, refer to her as ‘auntie’

Upon noticing this, netizens were quick to react to her seemingly discomforting gestures. Some used football puns to poke fun at the situation.

Source: Facebook

Amusingly, many online users had no idea who the woman was, simply referring to her as an “auntie”.

Source: TikTok

Whether they recognised her or not, most viewers slammed the woman for her actions, which they deemed inappropriate.

Source: Facebook

While everyone appeared to be targeting the woman, one TikTok user raised an interesting point. He wondered if Ronaldo could have been upset about other things instead as he seemed to be asking security personnel to move away.

He left the matter up to debate and invited other TikTok users to discuss.

‘Auntie’ touching Ronaldo is former actress Wong Li Lin

For those who couldn’t recognise the ‘auntie’ in question, she’s actually former actress Wong Li Lin.

Source: Li-Lin Wong on LinkedIn

Wong is currently a chief executive at Mint Media Sports, a company owned by Singapore businessman Peter Lim.

As Ronaldo was in Singapore to meet youths under the NParks-Peter Lim Scholarship and the Olympic Foundation-Peter Lim Scholarship, Wong was most likely there to help out at the event.

As for why she was guarding the footballer so closely, we’re unable to ascertain. The former celebrity has also yet to address the matter.

MS News has reached out to Wong for comments. We will update the article when she gets back to us.

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Featured image adapted from @_irwannshahh_ on TikTok.

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