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Satay By The Bay Customer Allegedly Receives Badly Burnt Satay, Told ‘That’s How It’s Cooked’

Satay By The Bay Customer Upset After Allegedly Getting Burnt Satay

Satay By The Bay is well-known for its rich variety of hawker food, and of course, its wide array of satay stalls. Foodies would typically look forward to sinking their teeth into the marinated skewered meat at the famous hawker centre.

However, one customer did not get the pleasant experience of savouring his highly anticipated satay at the open-air food centre. In fact, his plate of satay turned out to be quite the opposite of what he expected — the skewered meat was badly burnt.

He later questioned the seller on the food’s undesirable appearance, but was dismayed after being told, “That’s how it should be cooked.”

Source: Complaint Singapore on Facebook

Netizens have since expressed their disappointment at the seller’s answer.

Hawker allegedly told customer that burnt satay was “how it should be cooked”

On Sunday (26 Jun), the OP shared his experience in a post on the Complaint Singapore Facebook group.

He posted a picture showing a plate of satay apparently from one of the stalls there, it comprised five chicken and five pork skewers.

Source: Complaint Singapore on Facebook

Unfortunately, the meat appeared to be quite badly burnt, with the sides charred.

When he approached the seller to ask about the satay, the seller allegedly said, “That’s how it should be cooked.”

The OP, who probably felt appalled by the answer given, ended his post by saying it was “such a disappointment”.

Netizens empathise with OP over burnt satay

Many netizens seemed to empathise with the OP’s feelings and agreed the satay looked very much burnt.

Source: Complaint Singapore on Facebook

While some mentioned that the satay looked dry, others placed themselves in the OP’s shoes and shared they will “reject the seller” and refuse to pay for this particular plate.

Source: Complaint Singapore on Facebook

A worried netizen even told the OP not to consume the overburnt food as it’s harmful to their health.

Source: Complaint Singapore on Facebook

Overall, most netizens seemed let down by the seller’s attitude.

Hope satay seller can take feedback positively

A popular Southeast Asian street food, satay is often browned, but not charred to this extent. Furthermore, if the comments are anything to go by, it seems netizens are in agreement too.

It’s unsurprising that the OP, who was probably looking forward to tasting the savoury skewered meat dish, was likely dismayed when he was presented with his plate of burnt satay.

Moving forward, we hope the hawker can take similar feedback in a more positive manner and will continue to make adjustments and improvements to their food.

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Featured image adapted from Complaint Singapore on Facebook.

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