Bronzeback Snake Attacks Chameleon On PCN, Lizard Gets Devoured After Back & Forth Bout

Bronzeback Snake Attacks Lizard On PCN, Netizen Captures Dramatic Fight

It’s not uncommon to see snakes in Singapore. Be it pythons chilling in drains or tree snakes lounging on branches, they are part of our country’s natural biodiversity.

A netizen managed to capture footage of one such snake hunting a lizard. Both creatures but up a good fight but the legless reptile won out in the end.


Though the lizard’s demise was tragic, this is a reminder that nature can be rather merciless.

Snake attacks lizard ferociously

In a video posted on Singapore Hikers, a chameleon was seen engaged in a fierce battle a snake.


The snake could be seen striking the lizard multiple times.


However, the lizard was able to fight back and bit the snake while it was in its grasp.


The lizard got away for a split second but the snake won out with its speed and stamina, easily catching up for a continued attack.


Snake got its meal in the end

Unfortunately for the lizard, it became the snake’s latest meal. Here’s a photo of the grizzly aftermath.


While one usually roots for the underdog, we must also understand that this interaction between predator and prey occurs naturally in the wild.

Some netizens identified the snake as a non-venomous red-necked bronzeback that’s native to Singapore. NParks says the rare bronzeback mainly feeds on lizards and frogs and can be seen in places like Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.


Its prey was purportedly a changeable lizard. It’s not native to Singapore and feeds on insects and other lizards. Since the reptile’s introduction into our biodiversity, it has displaced our native green-crested lizard, says Wild Singapore.


Doing what needs to be done

In the end, both animals were just trying to survive and get through another day.

For the lizard, doing so meant escaping the clutches of a predator and for the snake, this meant getting a meal to live another day. After all, they are not vegetarian.

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Featured images adapted from Facebook.

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