Supercar Gathering Near Kallang Decathlon Draws Crowds, Police Officers Show Up

Crowds Flock Open-Air Carpark Near Kallang Decathlon For Supercar Gathering On 29 Apr

Despite the high barriers to owning a car in Singapore, there remains a vibrant community of car enthusiasts who’d gather from time to time to chat about all things automotive.

As Covid-19 measures ease, some of these folks held a large supercar gathering on Friday (29 Apr) near the iconic Decathlon store in Kallang.

Source: TikTok

While seeing people coming together is quite heartwarming, police officers later turned up at the scene for undisclosed reasons.

Huge crowd show up for supercar gathering near Kallang Decathlon

Clips on TikTok show a large crowd at the open-air carpark outside Decathlon Kallang on Friday (29 Apr).


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Though it appeared to be pretty late into the night, the carpark was filled with cars — and not just ordinary ones that we see on the roads.

This Toyota AE86, for instance, resembles the one from the famous Initial D movie.

Source: TikTok

A vintage 1963 Mini Cooper S in a striking pink with Hello Kitty decals also made an appearance.

Source: TikTok

On the more luxurious end were flashy red sports cars such as the Mazda RX8, Porsche 911 Turbo, and Ferrari 488 Special.

Source: TikTok

A row of revving Lamborghinis, meanwhile, attracted a swarm of YPs, who rushed over to the cars in droves like moths to a flame.

Source: TikTok

At least three police officers on motorbikes later showed up at the scene, though it remains unclear why they were there.

Source: TikTok

Organisers urge visitors to be considerate of patrons nearby

The gathering was apparently organised by folks from Basement 1, a car enthusiast website, and was scheduled to start at 10.30pm on Friday (29 Apr).

According to their Facebook post on Wednesday (27 Apr), they welcomed everyone to the gathering, including photographers and car enthusiasts.

Basement 1, however, disclaimed that the meetup wasn’t an “official event” and was merely a “group of friends gathering”.

They also advised visitors not to block traffic going in and out of the carpark and to be considerate of diners at the nearby food chains.

Basement 1 additionally predicted that there might be law enforcement officers there “due to the change in Covid regulations and the obvious excitement of mega meets”.

Nonetheless, the website said that they didn’t expect anyone to get in trouble if they “come in peace” and “do their (our) part without being a nuisance”.

At about 1.30am, Basement 1 issued an update via Instagram Stories urging individuals to disperse from the location.

Hope attendees had fun while staying safe

While it’s unclear if the meetup was in breach of any regulations, it was certainly heartwarming to see such a large physical gathering after two years of the pandemic.

We hope that the attendees had fun while adhering to any safety regulations.

Perhaps this could be an optimistic indication of large-scale social events making a comeback soon.

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