Elderly Man Returns Supermarket Trollies Around Simei To Eastpoint, Residents Urged To Be Responsible

Elderly Man Collects Trollies In Simei & Pushes Them Back To Eastpoint Supermarket

Trollies are a godsend for shoppers who have a mountainous pile of groceries that they have to bring home.

But the trouble sometimes comes when they decide to push these trollies all the way home, posing an inconvenience to workers who have to retrieve the stray carts.

Recently, a Simei resident took to Facebook to share a heartbreaking scene of an elderly man pushing abandoned trollies around the estate back to a supermarket at Eastpoint Mall.


Sympathising with the man, the resident proposed several ways to prevent such situations, including the installation of a tracking device on these trollies.

Elderly man wheels trollies back to supermarket

On Wednesday (9 Feb), Simei resident Ms Teo shared her disappointment upon seeing an elderly man moving FairPrice trollies that users had abandoned around the estate.


According to Ms Teo, the elderly man has been moving these trollies back to the supermarket at Eastpoint on a daily basis. For those who may not be familiar with the mall, the FairPrice outlet is on the 5th floor.

However, the situation on Wednesday (9 Feb) was especially heartbreaking as it was drizzling.

Ms Teo pointed out that the trollies are difficult to move around due to their weight and often faulty wheels.


The resident was especially worried that the job would take a toll on the elderly man’s legs and knees.

OP suggests solutions to avoid similar situation

Seeing the elderly man taking on such a physically-demanding job pained Ms Teo, prompting her to question how he was assigned the task in the first place.


She also proposed some solutions that will hopefully prevent similar scenarios from occurring:

  • Deploy “able-bodied men” for such roles
  • Fine customers who push trollies home and abandon them
  • Get customers to pay extra to wheel trollies home with a refund of the deposit upon returning
  • Install a tracking device on trollies & impose the charges on customers who wheel them home
  • Put employees on rotation for this role

Ending her post, Ms Teo urged the public, especially Simei residents, to be more gracious and considerate.

She asked that they either return the trollies to the supermarkets or make transport arrangements to bring their groceries home.

Be more responsible & considerate

It’s heartbreaking to see someone in their silver years taking on such a physically-demanding job. We hope the employee did overexert himself in the process of returning the trollies.

At the end of the day, leaving trollies lying around the estate is irresponsible as it inconveniences not just employees, but also other users.

Hopefully, customers will take this incident as an important reminder to be more responsible and considerate towards others.

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