S’poreans Are Wiping Out Basic Supplies From Supermarkets In Panic After DORSCON Orange Alert

Empty Shelves & Long Queues In Singapore Supermarkets After DORSCON Orange Alert

UPDATE (8.37pm): NTUC FairPrice chief executive released a statement, saying that there is no need to stockpile as they have ample supplies in their warehouses.

He urges Singaporeans to stay calm. You can read more below.

Other than stocking up on masks and hand sanitisers, Singaporeans find themselves charged with a brand new mission.

They’re currently scrambling to stock up on a chock full of basic supplies like toilet paper, instant noodles, and rice.

Right after Ministry of Health (MOH) announced that Singapore is now on DORSCON Orange alert for coronavirus outbreak, supermarket shelves are being wiped clean of multiple basic supplies.

Here’s a first look at the mad rush on 7 Feb, as captured by netizens and MS News readers.

People scrambling at supermarkets after DORSCON Orange alert

According to this Facebook user at NTUC FairPrice Kallang mall, shelves are going empty. People are even climbing up ladders themselves to get what they can.


A brief search of ‘NTUC’ on Twitter reveals the same story. Below is the situation at Tuas and Bishan outlets.

Others are chronicling their frantic experiences at different supermarkets.

Image by MS News 

Image by MS News 

Mad rush at Singapore supermarkets

Meanwhile, MS News readers have reported the same thing — super long queues at supermarket counters, and a mad scramble for supplies.

It’s clear that people are panicking over the current coronavirus outbreak situation in Singapore. And judging from the rush, many are expecting to stay at home.

NTUC FairPrice chief executive says there’s no need to stockpile

NTUC FairPrice chief executive Seah Kian Peng issued a statement following the drastic surge in demand of groceries and supplies.

He said stores are temporarily running out of stock, but there are available supplies in their warehouses.

We are looking to send them to our stores expeditiously. We call for calm as supply of daily essentials remain available and there is no need to stockpile.

The statement added that FairPrice is monitoring the situation closely, and will implement additional protocols if required.

You can read the full statement here.

Please don’t panic, people

Before you plan to rush down, take a deep breath. Please don’t panic, buy only what you need so that there’s more for the rest. More importantly, wear a mask since you’ll most likely be squeezing through crowds.

Do you think this shopping rush is an overreaction, or are you planning to do the same? Let us know in the comments below.

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Featured image by MS News.

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