Telegram Now Lets You Transfer WhatsApp Chat History Without Losing Photos & Videos

You Can Now Move Chat History From Other Apps Over To Telegram

Earlier this month, privacy concerns over WhatsApp’s new terms caused many users to switch to other messaging platforms like Telegram and Signal.

But there’s much to consider when making the move, such as what would happen to our chat histories with friends and relatives.

Telegram has seemingly found the solution to this — it now allows you to transfer your chat history from WhatsApp to Telegram.


In a few simple steps, users can now enjoy Telegram’s services whilst preserving all the memories on other messaging apps.

Move chat history to Telegram in a few steps

iPhones users can move their WhatsApp chat histories to Telegram by exporting it from the contact’s or group’s ‘info’ page.


Then, select ‘Telegram’ in the ‘Share Menu’.

The same can be done on Android devices by tapping on the top right button to export the chat and then choosing to share on Telegram.



All messages imported to Telegram will carry their original timestamps.


In the case of group chats, importing chat histories would allow all members of the chat to access it.

Apart from WhatsApp, Telegram also allows users to move chat histories from LINE and KakaoTalk.

Moving chat history to Telegram – media files included – will not take up additional memory space on users’ devices.

However, do note that importing chats from other apps to Telegram will override any existing chat with the person on Telegram.

Telegram features

If you’re new to Telegram, here are a few differences from WhatsApp.


One unique feature that Telegram offers is the ability to delete messages for all users without a trace.


The same goes for deletion of group chats as well as call history.

Telegram adds that they do not store information on deleted chats and call logs so the deleted data will be wiped permanently if and when users choose to do so.

Another stand-out feature on Telegram is secret chat. These are perfect for those who have a little more to hide, or who want to chat with bae without getting incriminated over something said in the past.

Secret chats are also ideal for users who want to send each other passwords for their shared accounts.

On these chats, users can also tweak settings such that messages, photos, videos, or files self-destruct in a set amount of time after they are opened by the recipient.

These messages are encrypted end-to-end so no one else – even folks from Telegram – can access them.

Telegram welcomes suggestions on improvements

With these improvements, users on WhatsApp and LINE would be able to make the move over to Telegram more seamlessly.

Know someone who refused to move to Telegram citing concerns over their chat histories? Tag them in the comments below so they know of the new changes!

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