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Dancing S’pore Man Stops TikTok Recording To Help Senior Get On Bus In Orchard

Dancing TikTok Sensation Helps Senior Board Bus Near Dhoby Ghaut MRT

TikTok user @raymondl88 has recently surged in popularity thanks to his iconic dance at various MRT stations across Singapore.

Though much of his feed comprises videos of him dancing with fans, a video shared in April showed a kind and helpful side to Raymond that fans may not have seen.

In the clip, the TikToker was recording himself dancing at a bus stop along Orchard Road while an elderly man struggled to board a bus in the background.


This old man is very respectable, he said to me: Thank you, I can do it myself. #thebusstop @lilys455

♬ 原声 – Raymond – Raymond

Upon realising what was happening behind him, Raymond immediately stopped dancing and rushed to the uncle’s aid.

Dancing man notices struggling senior while recording TikTok video

In the clip shared on 8 Apr, Raymond was recording himself dancing to retro music at a bus stop along Orchard Road.

Source: raymondl88 on TikTok

The video was likely shot at the bus stop outside Dhoby Ghaut MRT station, judging by the surroundings.

As Raymond started dancing, an elderly man hobbled towards a stationary bus and struggled to reach for the railing at the entrance.

Source: raymondl88 on TikTok

Raymond said he heard a loud sigh from behind and immediately turned around to see what was happening.

Upon spotting the struggling uncle, he immediately rushed over and held him by his arm.

Source: raymondl88 on TikTok

Thankfully, the elderly man could grab onto the railings and get on the bus. He also thanked Raymond for rendering assistance.

Source: raymondl88 on TikTok

Lauded by netizens for kind gesture

In the comments section, Raymond shared that many seniors find their limbs getting “stiff” due to heavy manual work done when they were younger.

Source: raymondl88 on TikTok

After seeing the wholesome encounter, many netizens lauded Raymond for his thoughtful actions.

Source: raymondl88 on TikTok

When praised by another TikTok user, Raymond said that anyone would’ve done the same.

Source: raymondl88 on TikTok


(Top) Your actions touched me.

(Bottom) Thank you, anyone would’ve done the same.

His kindness & quirky dance moves put a smile on our faces

Kudos to Raymond for assisting the elderly man and ensuring that he boarded the bus safely.

Besides entertaining folks on TikTok through his dance, it’s also nice to see him going out of his way to help others in need.

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Featured image adapted from @raymondl88 on TikTok

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