F&B Staff Can Refresh Diners’ TraceTogether App To Ensure It’s Not A Screenshot

F&B Staff Can Refresh TraceTogether App To See If It’s A Screenshot

With Singapore lifting its dining restrictions, most people can look forward to having dine-ins at F&B outlets again.

As the rules differ depending on an individual’s vaccination status, there are concerns that some might try to find loopholes and work their way around the system.

Singapore radio DJs, Muttons In The Morning, tweeted on Tuesday (10 Aug) to impart a pro-tip to F&B staff.

To prevent those who aren’t fully vaccinated from using a screenshot of TraceTogether, the DJs advised F&B staff to ask their customers to refresh the app’s homepage.


This allows staff to detect whether customers are using a screenshot in an attempt to dine in.

Radio DJs tell F&B staff to be wary of TraceTogether screenshot

On Tuesday (10 Aug), Singapore radio DJs, Muttons In The Morning, shared a tip to all F&B outlets on Twitter.

As dining-in is now allowed again, the DJs advised F&B staff to thoroughly check whether their diners are vaccinated.

Since those who aren’t fully vaccinated cannot dine in at eateries, they may try their luck by taking a screenshot of their vaccinated friends’ TraceTogether app.

Hence, F&B staff are encouraged to ask diners to refresh their TraceTogether page to prevent unvaccinated individuals from slipping past safety checks.


If nothing happens, the ‘TraceTogether app’ they see might turn out to be a screenshot.

You can find the refresh button in the app’s latest update.

How businesses can verify vaccination status

Ministry of Health (MOH) also published a SafeEntry guide for businesses to verify their customers’ vaccination status.

From 10 Aug onwards, the TraceTogether and HealthHub Apps will reflect records of all vaccinated residents.


Those fully vaccinated overseas must provide documents to show proof of their vaccination.

A serology test is also compulsory at an approved provider to ensure the vaccination is effective. Only upon doing so will the apps reflect their records.

This will allow easier verification for businesses, including F&B outlets. However, the feature is only applicable for citizens who received either the Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty or Moderna vaccine.

As for citizens who took the Sinovac vaccine, their vaccination records will be on the HealthHub App. Updates are still pending for their TraceTogether and SafeEntry (Business) App.

F&B outlets to keep a lookout

Since F&B outlets are the most affected by dine-in restrictions, they must ensure that all diners are fully vaccinated.

This helps to ensure that all F&B staff and diners are in a safe environment.

Do remember to update your TraceTogether app so that you can have a smooth dine-in with your family and friends.

If you’re not fully vaccinated but want to dine in, here’s what you can do:

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