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Tuas Fire Sends Giant Smoke Trail Into The Skies, SCDF Extinguishing Blaze

Tuas Fire On 23 Apr Afternoon Sends Huge Smoke Trail Into Sky

While large-scale fires are uncommon, they do happen from time to time. Thankfully, most fires are quickly contained by folks from the Singapore Civil Defence Forces (SDCF).

On Saturday (23 Apr) afternoon, a fire broke out in Tuas, sending a giant trail of smoke into the sky.

Source: Facebook

At the time of writing, SCDF is currently in the midst of extinguishing the fire.

SCDF conducts firefighting operations at 31 Benoi lane

On Saturday (23 Apr), SCDF took to Facebook to notify the public that they are currently putting out a fire that broke out at 31 Benoi Lane. According to, the address is occupied by a company named Offshore Construction Services.

Source: Facebook

In a later update, SCDF shared that the fire had engulfed the entire premises when they arrived.

They also said that firefighters are currently “fighting the blaze” with foam and water jets.

Giant trail of smoke seen at Tuas

While not much information about the fire is available at the time of writing, netizens in the area apparently witnessed a large trail of smoke.

This photo, uploaded by a restaurant in the Discovery Centre, shows a massive cloud of smoke billowing into the afternoon sky.

Source: Facebook

Another netizen shared his panoramic point-of-view, presumably from Jurong.

Source: Facebook

The cloud of smoke is quite visibly trailing into the sky and from its sheer size, we can only imagine how massive the fire must’ve been.

Fire allegedly broke out in an industrial area.

Netizens have also shared several videos of their view of the fire, some closer to the source than others.

In one video, we can roughly make out the source of the fire, which appears to be from an industrial area.

Source: Facebook

Another video of the fire shows grey smoke clouds streaming upwards towards the grey-ish post-rain sky.

Source: Facebook

At the point of writing, it remains unclear if there were any injuries or what had caused the fire.

Hope fire will be extinguished soon

The sight of huge black smoke clouds is extremely terrifying, especially one as big as this.

We hope nobody was injured as a result of the fire and that SCDF will be able to extinguish the blaze soon.

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Featured image adapted from Singapore Civil Defence Force and Bottle Tree Cafe Restaurant on Facebook. 

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