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Want Want Hot Kid Milk Now Comes With Milk Biscuit Pearls In Taiwan

Want Want Milk Biscuit & Hot Kid Milk On Sale From 16 Jan

Taiwan’s known for being the mecca of bubble tea, from weird and wonderful flavours to a vast array of flavoured pearls.

Now they’ve even managed to put a BBT twist on Hot Kid Milk.


Two milk worlds collide

For those born post-1990s, Want Want brand canned milk – aka Hot Kid milk – was a nostalgic staple for most millennials.


Even if you weren’t a fan of the sticky sweet condensed milk-esque beverage, you’ve probably munched on these melt-in-your-mouth milk biscuits, also by Want Want.


Someone in their marketing department must have finally put two-and-two together to create this clever packaging.

Sold at Family Mart in Taiwan


The adorable kid-friendly mash-up will be available at all Family Mart convenience stores in Taiwan on 16 Jan.


They’ll be selling for just S$1.71 (39 NT) per can.

You’re also encouraged to pour the milk biscuits into the sippy cup, to enjoy the crunch of sweet biscuits with the drink.


We’re not sure if the Health Promotion Board will approve of this — it sounds a tad too sweet for our liking.

But kids will definitely adore them.

We want want one too

Now we’re wondering what creative Taiwanese folk will dream up with next? Will we see Want Want crackers make a comeback as toast someday?

We already have pearls on everything, including crunchy milk biscuit pearls. So we really wouldn’t put it past them.

Is this a yay, or nay combination for you? Sound out in the comments below.

Featured image from Solo_Guide on Instagram and Demi.Foodie on Instagram.


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