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S’pore Woman Completes Full-Face Makeup On Moving MRT Train, Including Eyeliner & Mascara

Woman Does Her Makeup On 1-Hour MRT Train Ride To Boon Lay

While many people were comfortable getting around without makeup during the pandemic, that may no longer be the case as mask restrictions gradually ease.

Now that masks are no longer required on public transport, a commuter decided to save time by doing her makeup during her one-hour MRT train ride.

@unbiden What is social anxiety #makeup ♬ Boy’s a liar Pt. 2 – PinkPantheress & Ice Spice

Despite receiving stares, the lady went ahead with her routine and emerged at her destination station with her makeup completely done.

Lady does full-face makeup complete with eyeliner, mascara, and stares on MRT

On Sunday (19 Feb), TikTok user @unbiden shared a video showing how she went about doing up her face on the MRT.

First, she cleans her hands with disinfecting wipes before applying her primer.

Source: @unbiden on TikTok

Next, she follows up with foundation and concealer, blending the products into her skin.

She also offered a tip for those who are too embarrassed to do their makeup while commuting — be unbothered. If someone stares and judges you, stare back and smile.

Source: @unbiden on TikTok

Making quick work of her brows, the lady then reaches the contouring and highlighting stage of her routine.

She calls her contour and highlight stick a “life saver” as it only cost her S$12. Although she did not show the brand of the stick, it looks an awful lot like the Play 101 Contour Duo stick.

Source: @unbiden on TikTok

After a bit of blending, she puts on her favourite Glossier blush.


Source: @unbiden on TikTok

Then, she achieved a seemingly impossible feat — applying eyeliner nicely on a moving train. She calls it a “superpower”, and we can’t help but agree.

Source: @unbiden on TikTok

The woman then sets her makeup with some setting powder and applies mascara on a moving train without poking her eye out.

Source: @unbiden on TikTok

And her makeup is finally complete after some finishing touches.

Netizens applaud TikToker’s skills & share similar experiences

People in the comments were impressed by the lady’s method and patience. Some even said she was exhibiting “girlboss behaviour”.

Source: @unbiden on TikTok

Others marvelled at her stable hands and eyeliner-drawing skills — to the extent that it was worth declaring it a skill in her resume.

Source: @unbiden on TikTok

One commenter also shared how she similarly received stares while doing her makeup on the train a few weeks ago when mask restrictions on public transport were lifted.

Source: @unbiden on TikTok

Saves lots of prep time at home

Indeed, being able to do one’s makeup on a moving vehicle is a skill that takes time and practice.

It saves lots of prep time before heading out of the house and is also convenient for those who always have someplace to be.

Though certainly uncommon, there is no reason to gawk at or judge someone doing their makeup on buses and trains — just let people do their makeup in peace, as long as they’re not hurting or bothering anyone.

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Featured image adapted from @unbiden on TikTok.

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