Woodleigh Clinic Ex-Staff Claims She Was Forced To Work While Ill, Establishment Denies Allegations

Woodleigh Clinic Ex-Staff Claims She Was Forced To Work Despite Having 42°C Fever

A woman in Singapore has recently claimed that she was mistreated during her short stint working at a clinic in Woodleigh.

She summarised her various allegations against the healthcare establishments in a Facebook post on Tuesday (28 Mar), which has since gone viral.

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The clinic has denied the allegations and urged the former employee to issue a public apology.

Former Woodleigh clinic staff alleges mistreatment during 1-month stint

On Tuesday (28 Mar), Facebook user Ms Goh shared what she described to be her “worst” working experience.

She served a stint at The Bidadari Clinic from 6 Feb to 27 Mar, though her exact role is unclear.

Ms Goh claimed that trouble began on her very first day of work when nobody taught her anything. Despite that, she said that they still expected her to be familiar with the workflow and various medications.

She also accused the clinic of preferential treatment, teaching and briefing other new joiners. Meanwhile, they allegedly blamed her for “not knowing everything”.

On her third day of work, Ms Goh asserted that her manager went shopping before heading to another clinic, leaving her to run the branch she was at.

On another day, she allegedly lost her voice and sought help dispensing medicine. However, her manager purportedly said, “Everyone is sick here, no excuses.”

Despite her condition, Ms Goh continued working till 3.30pm that day, when she suddenly felt tired. She subsequently took her temperature and found that it was at 42°C.


She later contacted her manager and requested an early dismissal. Unfortunately, her manager allegedly said that her medical leave would count as no-pay leave.

Ms Goh claimed that the manager then suggested that she bear with it for another hour or so — till 4.45pm — 15 minutes before the end of her official work hours.

Her manager apparently explained that that was the earliest she could let Ms Goh clock out.

Ex-staff claims she was not paid & was blocked by boss

After her alleged ordeal, Ms Goh served her notice on 6 Mar and claimed she was told to work till 7 Apr. The clinic then changed her last day to 1 Apr since 7 Apr is Good Friday, which is a public holiday.

Things took yet another turn a few days later when Ms Goh checked with her manager, who allegedly declared her last day to be 27 Mar.

After she left on that date, however, trouble continued. Ms Goh claimed that she did not receive her salary on the 28 Mar payday.

The ex-employee alleged that she was told to wait till 28 Apr because her boss and manager had to “count”.

Ms Goh found this problematic as she understood that employers must pay employees on their last day of work.

Since then, she claimed that she had been experiencing difficulties contacting her boss regarding her pay. She also stated that her boss blocked her on all platforms.

In light of her experience, Ms Goh warned others about working for the clinic and other establishments under the same boss. She wrote,

Join at your own risk with lots of hurts and suffering.

Woodleigh Clinic denies former employee’s allegations

The Bidadari Clinic has since responded to the various allegations in a Facebook post on Friday (31 Mar).

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Firstly, the clinic maintained that they paid Ms Goh’s prorated salary for February and March.

They transferred the money on 28 Mar and apparently have bank statements to substantiate their claims.

The clinic has also handed the matter over to the Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management.

As for Ms Goh’s shortened notice period, the clinic claimed that the former employee had put in the request herself, citing “personal circumstances”.

Like the pay dispute, they declared that they have documentary proof of her request, conveyed through email and WhatsApp.

Clinic refutes claim that employee was forced to work while ill

Other allegations the clinic denied include Ms Goh’s claim that she was forced to work despite being ill.

The Bidadari Clinic shared that the ex-staff member had informed them of her ailment along with a picture showing a thermometer reading of 38°C, and not 42°C.

Ms Goh was then told to see the doctor on duty to get herself an MC, but she allegedly replied:

I see how, just eat med.

The clinic also denied claims that she was forced to work despite feeling unwell.

The Bidadari Clinic additionally pointed out that communication channels between them and the former staff were never blocked.

In fact, the clinic said they have proof of their discussion with Ms Goh over WhatsApp and email “up to and beyond 27 Mar 2023”.

Ex-employee told to issue public apology

The Bidadari Clinic also stated in their post that they’ve received prank calls and “fake” Google reviews as a result of the allegations.

These have reportedly taken a toll on the clinic’s standard of care provided to patients.

Calling the claims “baseless”, the clinic said they’ve caused “significant harm” to their reputation.

They also said that they’ve engaged legal counsel to represent them in relation to the matter and urged Ms Goh to replace her post with a public apology by Sunday (2 Apr).

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