Taiwanese Lady Travels To Africa & Falls In Love With Her Tour Guide, Now Married With 2 Kids

Taiwanese Lady Marries Safari Tour Guide In Africa, They Now Have 2 Kids

Ever dream of travelling overseas, falling in love, and settling down? It almost sounds too good to be true, but that’s exactly what happened to Lu Lee-Kombe.

Born in Taiwan, Lu has always been well-travelled but it was on one particular volunteer trip to Africa that changed her life forever.

While on the trip, she met Sam, a young and friendly Tanzanian safari tour guide.

In a joyous twist of life, she’s now happily married to Sam, with 2 kids.


The family lives a life that many can only dream of, travelling around East Africa.

She always wanted to be a writer

On Saturday (3 Oct), Ms Lu recounted her unique life story on popular Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits.

Born in Taiwan, Ms Lu moved to Canada at a young age. After her travel experiences, Ms Lu was certain she would settle down in Asia.

Ms Lu had always loved reading, writing, and drawing and early on, she knew she wanted to be a writer.


But like most of us with Asian parents can relate to, Ms Lu’s parents had aspirations for the kind of career they wanted her to pursue.

They wanted her to be a teacher or a civil servant. After trying her hand at both, Ms Lu felt these career paths just were not for her.

She decided to go back to school to get a Masters’ degree. However, life had more exciting things in store for her.

Joins Africa safari & meets tour guide Sam

Before going back to school, Ms Lu chanced upon many books, documentaries and articles about Africa. It piqued her interest and led her to sign up for a volunteering trip to Tanzania, East Africa.

In the spirit of spontaneity, she also signed up for a 3-day wildlife safari tour.


It was on the tour that she met Sam, a young, friendly Tanzanian guy that was her safari tour guide.

From there, her life plans changed forever.

Ms Lu ended up falling in love with Sam and the pair got married.


She shared photos as she looked back on the happy occasion.


The joy of the unlikely couple is palpable through the photos.


Lu & Sam now travel around East Africa

Now, Ms Lu is truly living a dream life she never could have imagined. Happily married with 2 young kids, the family travels around East Africa.


She shares that her husband Sam now runs his own safari company and camp.


It’s definitely a life filled with adventure and fun.


Despite the twist and turns of her new life, Ms Lu is also continuing to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a writer.


She writes whenever she can and has already published 2 novels. Ms Lu is currently working on illustrated children’s books.

You can check out her Facebook post in full here.

An inspiration to all travel lovers

Concluding her post, Ms Lu exclaims that life has so many unexpected twists, one can never really know where their next step will land them.

She advices that although the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown many things into uncertainty, we should all keep living our best lives and dare to dream of our next adventure.

Ms Lu’s life is certainly an inspiration and dream for all the wanderlust souls out there.

While we might not be able to travel the world right now, it’s never too early to plan our next adventure. After all, you never know what might await you.

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