Ceiling Of ‘Eerie’ Red Tampines BTO Painted White, Spooky Vibes Seemingly Defused

Ceiling Of ‘Eerie’ Red Tampines GreenVines BTO Block Repainted White As Of 1 Mar

Visiting the BTO flat they had successfully balloted for is a significant moment in every couple’s life. But some prospective owners at Tampines GreenVines had chills running down their spines when they recently visited their new homes. Literally seeing red everywhere, the sight that greeted homeowners spooked some of them.

However, when MS News visited the BTO project on Wednesday (1 Mar), the spooky vibes seemed to have dissipated.

Most notably, our reporters observed that the ceiling of the ‘red’ flat had been painted white.

This was in line with what Tampines MP Baey Yam Keng shared on social media, in response to the criticism earlier this week.

‘Red’ Tampines BTO appears less scary after ceiling gets repainted

On Wednesday (1 Mar) night, MS News visited the Tampines GreenVines BTO project to find that only two blocks were accessible.

Block 640B — the infamous ‘red’ BTO that went viral earlier this week — and Block 641A, which bore equally striking colours.

Though earlier footage of Block 640B appeared rather ominous thanks to the red surroundings, things were seemingly ‘milder’ during our visit.

Apart from the ground floor, the ceiling of the block’s lift landing had been painted white, which seemingly helped to ‘defuse’ the eerie vibes it gave off previously.


Meanwhile, other features of the lift landing such as the marbled tiles and the perforated panels remain unchanged.

One of the workers painting the ceiling told MS News that only two blocks from the BTO cluster have been handed over to owners.

He also claimed that there were four blocks in total that required painting.

Despite the repainted ceiling, the red theme of the block was still apparent along the corridors.

Such was also the case at the void deck, perhaps due to the surrounding construction panels which accentuated the blood-red features.

From a distance, the block’s lift landing resembled Autobahn Motors’ car vending machine in Queenstown, but was nowhere close to being scary.

Things unchanged at adjacent yellow block

While the red block gave off spooky vibes, the adjacent Block 641A told a completely different story.

Separated by just a walkway, the block had a much ‘softer’ touch, perhaps due to its bright yellow features which reminded us of a Flash Coffee or IKEA outlet.

The ceilings of the block’s lift landing also remained untouched, with those above the ground floor still neon yellow.

Though slightly stinging to the eyes, the block did not appear the least bit sinister. In fact, some might even find it a suitable place for an Instagram shoot.

MP Baey Yam Keng says colours are “not appropriate”

Responding to MS News‘ queries, Tampines MP Baey Yam Keng said that the Housing & Development Board (HDB) is looking at ways to address residents’ concerns.

He also confirmed that the housing board had started repainting the red ceilings white.

Assuring residents that “HDB will do what is necessary and appropriate”, Mr Baey encouraged residents to continue giving feedback, but also allow time for the board to “monitor the responses”.

He likewise addressed some comments on social media and shared his thought that the colours were “not appropriate”. The MP also claimed that he had asked HDB to investigate the matter.

Source: Instagram

However, he noted that some residents from the ‘yellow block’ had voted in favour of preserving the colourful tiles.

Source: Instagram

Very colourful BTO blocks

While such striking colours will help residents find their way home, perhaps the crimson shade all around may come across as a little too eerie for some.

In any case, we’re heartened by the relevant parties’ quick action in addressing residents’ concerns.

Does the red block still look scary with the repainted ceilings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Featured image by MS News. 

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