Changi Airport FB Page Filled With Unhappy Comments, Shanmugam Urges S’poreans Not To Point Fingers

FB Netizens Want Changi Airport Chairman Liew Mun Leong To Be Held Accountable

Changi Airport Group (CAG) Chairman Liew Mun Leong has been thrust into the limelight of late, over the high-profile case involving his family and their ex-helper, Ms Parti Liyani.

Liew Mun Leong and his ex-helper Parti Liyani
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Last Tuesday (8 Sep), Ms Parti was fully acquitted of the charges against her and the spotlight seems to have quickly turned to Mr Liew’s family who accused her of stealing items worth $34,000.

Since then, many netizens have taken to Changi Airport’s Facebook page to express their unhappiness and thoughts on the case.

Changi Airport FB posts flooded with unhappy comments

On Sunday (6 Sep), Changi Airport’s run-of-the-mill Facebook post to promote shopping at the airport was met with severe backlash by netizens.


Singaporeans appear to be using Changi Airport’s page as an avenue to vent their frustrations at the situation and demand accountability.

Many netizens asserted that Mr Liew’s actions were unbecoming of a CAG representative.


Mr Liew’s leadership position in the group also made many netizens deem his accusations of theft by his helper an act of bullying.



This netizen even claimed he was “absolutely disgusted” at the CAG chairman’s actions.


He went on to state that CAG should take a stand and respond to the situation.

Netizens call for Mr Liew to step down as chairman

Many also took to the comment section calling for Mr Liew to step down from CAG position.

Some believed that Mr Liew’s actions reflected his moral values and is tarnishing Changi Airport’s image.


For that reason, some Singaporeans felt that he was not the right person to lead CAG.


After all the courtroom drama, many simply wanted Mr Liew to be responsible for his actions and step down from his position.


To be accountable, this netizen felt Mr Liew needs to apologise to his ex-helper Liyani for all that his family had put her through.

Minister Shanmugam warns against “witch-hunt”

Minister for Home Affairs and Law K Shanmugam also expressed his thoughts on the case on Tuesday (9 Sep).


He acknowledges that something had gone wrong in the process, and assured that the case will be thoroughly reviewed by the authorities.

However, Minister Shanmugam also said that,

In this process the agencies should not be defensive. But neither should it be a witch-hunt.

He adds that the process has to be fair and the authorities will need to be accountable as they figure out the steps moving forward.

A fairer & better system

Often, a person’s economical contributions and success is conflated with trustworthiness and ethical conduct.

While we still do not know what went wrong in the 4-year-long case of Mr Liew and his ex-helper, we are thankful that justice prevailed.

Hopefully, the review by authorities will lead to changes that will reflect our nation’s hierarchy of values and better protect the vulnerable.

Featured image adapted from Vulcan Post and Facebook.

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