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Charles Yeo Says Imran Rahim Has Taken Out Legal Proceedings Against Him, Appeals For Alleged Victims

Charles Yeo Says Legal Proceedings Have Been Taken Out Against Him On Sexual Miscount Allegations

When the 2020 General Election was announced, who would have predicted that one of the losing candidates that would stay in the spotlight the longest would be a young Reform Party candidate that contested in Ang Mo Kio?

Lawyer Charles Yeo became somewhat of an overnight sensation after holding the fort for his absent running mates during the constituency political broadcast, struggling through Chinese on national TV.

His oratorical skills may once again be needed soon, as he said fellow lawyer Imran Rahim has taken out legal proceedings against Mr Yeo for making allegations of sexual misconduct against him over social media.

Mr Charles Yeo (left) & Mr Imran Rahim
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Allegations of sexual misconduct towards interns

Mr Yeo first made the allegations on his Instagram stories on 21 Jul, accusing Mr Imran, 32, of multiple instances of sexual assaults on at least 2 individuals.

He also posted a message from someone who claims that he allegedly preyed on young debaters as well as legal interns.

Following this, he said that a few others had messaged him with similar allegations.

2 people from Asian debating circles also repeated these claims back in June. Both of them were reacting to the allegations, which are no longer publicly available.

Imran denies allegations

On 23 Jul, Mr Imran denied Mr Yeo’s accusations via an image posted on his Instagram account.



In the post Mr Imran also said that he doesn’t know Mr Yeo, and why he is making these allegations.

He also said he will take steps to vindicate himself.

Legal proceedings taken out

These steps have apparently been taken, as Mr Yeo posted on Instragram stories on Thursday (30 Jul) that Mr Imran has taken out legal proceedings against him.


While he didn’t elaborate on what type of legal proceedings were taken out, he did say that the matter is now before the courts.

Hence, he will not be making further posts on it.

Appeals for alleged victims to come forward

What Mr Yeo did say, however, is that he is taking his own legal advice.

In order not to be on the losing side, he’s appealed for alleged victims to come forward, presumably to affirm that his allegations are true.

If nobody comes forward, he said, it won’t end well for him,

Otherwise, I will lose the case and have to suffer for speaking up.


Mr Yeo isn’t accepting donations

Apparently, some people have offered to help Mr Yeo with his legal costs.

He said he has received such messages of help, and he deeply appreciates them.

However, he’s not taking donations yet,he added.


He also revealed that he will be engaging 2 lawyers to represent him, and will be meeting them soon.

Hope case is thoroughly investigated

Now that legal proceedings have started, there’ll probably be more to come from this case in the future.

Hopefully, the allegations made by Mr Yeo are thoroughly investigated and that the truth surfaces, no matter what the verdict is.

Featured image adapted from Instagram and TKQP.

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