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M’sia Cleaner Sells Land & Buys Kidney Dialysis Machines For Medical Centre, Praised For His Generosity

Malaysian Cleaner Sells Land And Buys Kidney Dialysis Machines For Workplace

Despite not earning much themselves, some kind Samaritans still go out of their way to help those plagued with challenging circumstances in our society.

This was the case for a Malaysian cleaner who recently sold parcels of land to buy kidney dialysis machines at a medical centre he was working at.

Netizens lauded the man for his generosity and hope his gesture would inspire others to do the same.

Cleaner sells land and uses money to buy kidney dialysis machines

On Tuesday (31 Jan), the cleaner’s real estate agent shared about his client’s generosity in a Facebook post.

Source: Facebook

The cleaner, known to him as Kali, worked at a kidney dialysis centre.

Kali apparently led a simple life, he explained. He does not own a car and only relies on his motorcycle as his main mode of transport.

According to the real estate agent, Kali engaged him last year to sell off some parcels of land that he owned.

Out of curiosity, the realtor asked Kali what he wanted to do with the proceeds from the sale.

In response, he simply said that he wanted to spend the money.

Donates two kidney dialysis machines to workplace

Turns out, the proceeds from the sale were used to purchase two kidney dialysis machines which were subsequently donated to Kali’s workplace.


Source: Facebook

The real estate agent also shared that Kali sent him a photo of the dialysis machines on Tuesday (31 Jan).

Source: Facebook

To this, he asked the latter how much the equipment cost, and he revealed that he paid S$24,471 (RM80,000).

Even after selling his land and donating the machines, Kali continues to work at the kidney dialysis centre, he added.

Faith in humanity restored

In the comments, netizens praised Kali for his generosity, saying that his actions were very inspiring.

Source: Facebook

Translation: We are all human beings.. but not all are human. Kali is a HUMAN.. very inspiring. 

Another netizen also pointed out that many people would benefit from his donation, applauding him for his kindness.

Source: Facebook

Translation: What a great human being. There are countless people who will benefit from his contribution. Thank you Mr Kali.  

Despite not earning much himself, Kali went out of his way to help out those affected by unfortunate medical conditions.

Kudos to Kali for his generosity. We have no doubts that his donations will go a long way in helping kidney patients receiving care at the medical centre.

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