Pizza Hut Taiwan Has Durian Pizza With Mangoes, Pineapple No Longer The Most Controversial Topping

Pizza Hut Taiwan Offers Durian Pizza For A Limited Time

For the longest time, pineapple slices have arguably been one of the most controversial pizza toppings.

Now it seems that status is about to be challenged by Pizza Hut Taiwan’s new creation — a mouth-watering pizza topped with durian and mango pieces.

Source: UDN Taiwan

While the tropical fruits are tasty eaten as they are, we’re not sure if they necessarily belong on a pizza. Read on to see if you agree.

New Pizza Hut Taiwan creation has durian & mango toppings

On 21 Jun, Pizza Hut Taiwan launched wacky new pizza topped with durian and mango pieces.

Source: UDN Taiwan

Besides the rather puzzling mix of tropical fruits, the pizza also has mouth-watering cheese cubes, making for a flavour combination that’ll likely confuse your taste buds.

Source: on Instagram

Looking at some real-life photos of the product, you might not be able to tell that there are fruits on top. Perhaps you’ll be able to fool your durian-hating friends into taking a bite.

Source: on Instagram

Odd toppings aside, we can’t deny that the pizza looks rather enticing, especially with all the gooey, melted cheese and slightly toasted surface.

Source: on Instagram

Japanese karaage version also available

Those who might want to lay off the carbs may opt for the Japanese karaage chicken dish that also comes with durian and cheese.

Source: UDN Taiwan

Take a bite and you’ll be impressed with the tender, boneless chicken thigh meat and crispy skin.

Combined with the fruit and cheese, the flavours of the beloved ingredients will flood your tastebuds.

Hope it arrives in Singapore

According to Elle Taiwan, the durian pizza is priced at S$25.13 (NT$539), while the Japanese karaage with durian and cheese costs S$11.14 (NT$239). Both dishes were available from 28 Jun, while stocks last. It’s unclear if they’re still on the menu now.

This menu is exclusively available in Taiwan only. Like all food trends from the country, we’re hoping it can make its way to Singapore too.

After all, pizza and durian is a wild combination that we simply must try.

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Featured image adapted from UDN Taiwan and on Instagram.

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