Singapore Has Her Own Egg Boy & This Fluffy Pomeranian Is Taking Over The Internet

Singaporean Groomer Is Behind The Viral EggPup Sensation

2019 seems to be the year of the egg. An egg became the most-liked Instagram photo with 53 million likes and egg boys have inspired many to visit their grocery store ASAP.

We’re not sure how long the egg trend will last, but the most recent egg sensation is a cheerful Pomeranian named PomPom from Singapore.


Andrea Aubrey Sim (@groomer_andrea) – a freelance pet groomer – is behind PomPom’s adorable look.


She wanted to pass on the EggPup’s “happy awwra” and her valiant effort is very much appreciated.

EggPup goes viral

Andrea’s grooming process involves giving PomPom a shower and massaging his body to puff up the fur. After the shower, he’s neatly trimmed and groomed to perfection.


On Friday (29 Mar), her recent video of trimming PomPom currently has 9,000 views.


Since the post has gone viral, we can’t deny that Pompom the EggPup looks like an egg from the front.


And from the side.


EggPup becomes IG influencer

After PomPom became an internet sensation, the pet owner created an Instagram account (@pom_and_pixel) featuring his daily adventures.


EggPup adorably lazing around is our forever mood.


This is us waking up in the morning.


We can’t get over the cuteness overload.


At the time of this post, PomPom has 6,500 Instagram followers. He has inspired many illustrations like this Admiral PomPom image.


While we can never beat this Egg Boy in a competition of cuteness, we’re thinking of buying our own Pomeranian to soothe our souls everyday.

Credits to The Colourful Groomer

PomPom has definitely stolen our hearts, but let’s not forget the genius behind the look.

Andrea Aubrey Sim (@groomer_andrea) calls herself “The Colourful Groomer” and has many more egg grooming success stories.


Seven the Maltipoo has successfully channelled this egg-xciting fashion trend.


Andrea calls PomPom the duck egg, so maybe Toffee is the chicken egg?


Pet owners should definitely take note of The Colourful Groomer because the egg trend could be here to stay.

Egg Boys taking over SG

Let it be known that PomPom the Pomeranian started the EggPup revolution.

We’re definitely falling for the style, and we wish it’ll be an islandwide look soon.

Walking to the park will be so much better, with EggPups running everywhere.

Featured image from Instagram.

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