Elderly Geylang Bahru Cleaner Offers To Buy Customers Drinks After Seeing Them Perspire

Elderly Cleaner Auntie Chats With Customers & Offers To Buy Them Drinks

It’s a common sight to see elderly cleaners when dining at hawker centres, but how many of us will have a chat with them while we’re tucking into our food?

On Monday (21 Jun), a man took to Facebook to share that he met an especially friendly elderly cleaner auntie at Geylang Bahru Hawker Centre.


The cleaner was so kind she even offered to buy the man drinks after seeing him perspiring from the spicy food he was having.

Her gesture warmed the man’s heart and he promised to visit her again and have a drink with her together.

Cleaner auntie in late 70s offers to remove diners’ tray

On Monday (21 Jun), a couple was dining at Block 69 Geylang Bahru Market & Food Centre when he came across the elderly cleaner auntie.


She approached to remove their tray but they told her there was no need to as it would be easier for them to clear their cutlery later.

The cleaner, who looked to be in her late 70s, then said she would clear their tables for them as she works fast.

Hearing this, the couple’s hearts ached for the elderly auntie but they couldn’t help noticing she was indeed energetic and fast for her age.

Elderly cleaner offers to buy drinks for diners

Moments later, the elderly cleaner stopped as she passed the couple’s table.


She then mumbled something about buying a drink in Hokkien.

The man could not hear her properly and assumed she was asking them to buy her a drink.

But when he asked what she would like, she clarified that she wanted to buy the couple some cold drinks.

Hearing this, the couple was caught off guard and politely refused.

The couple then chatted with the cleaner for a while, sharing a few laughs before she continued with her work.

Cleaner’s gesture humbled and touched customer

The man shared that they were initially confused by the cleaner auntie’s drink offer.

Then it dawned on him that he was sweating profusely from the spicy ban mian he was having.

When he asked the cleaner if that was why she wanted to buy them a drink, she laughed and nodded.

The man was touched by the cleaner auntie’s gesture and promised to visit her again and even have a drink together.

A heartwarming incident

This experience, he said, had not only warmed his heart but also humbled him.

It was certainly heartwarming for the cleaner auntie to care for customers as she did.

While some elderly cleaners work out of necessity, many have their own reasons for doing so.

This incident goes to show that sometimes a simple chat, just like the couple shared with the cleaner auntie, can be enough to make someone’s day.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Google Maps.

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