4-Year-Old Tries Imitating Hanging Scene On TikTok, Mum Warns Parents To Be Watchful

4-Year-Old Attempts To Imitate Hanging Scene On TikTok, Mum Stops Her In Time

In our digital age, the Internet is accessible to people of all ages. Unfortunately, not all content out there is benign. A 4-year-old girl from the Philippines tried to copy a TikTok hanging scene she saw with venetian blind cords.


Thankfully, her mother was nearby and prevented the situation from turning tragic.

She advises parents to keep a close eye on their children.

TikTok scene depicts boy hanging himself

In a Facebook post, the mother said that her 4-year-old daughter saw a video of a child hanging himself.

Curious, the girl tried to imitate the scene in her bedroom, by wrapping the pull cords of a venetian blind 3 times around her neck, before jumping.


Fortunately, the girl’s mother was nearby and saved her just in time. The impact was, however, strong enough to leave marks around her neck.

Child said boy turned into ghost after hanging

Shaken by what happened, her mother expressed her fear about the tragic outcome had she not been there to rescue her child.



Asking her daughter why she tried imitating the scene, the child replied that she saw the boy in the video becoming a ghost after tying a cord around his neck.

Mother advises parents to watch kids

Explaining that her daughter almost lost her life after watching a video, the mother hopes that parents will watch their kiddos as well as the content they consume online.


After all, younger ones may only interpret what they see online at face value and need the guidance of their parents.

Parental guidance is important

After hearing about incidents like this, it’s understandable that parents may grow anxious about letting their children use the Internet.

However, the online world can still be beneficial, as long as users know their boundaries and how to protect themselves.


Teaching children about safe Internet usage from a young age is thus important in our modern world, to protect them in the long-run.

Perhaps the best ways to mitigate such incidents are to guide the kids along and download child-friendly applications.

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