Indonesian Toddler Cuts Banknotes Into Strips, Mother Pastes Them Back Together Like A Puzzle

Indonesian Toddler Cuts Up Banknotes Meant For Shopping

Every parent will know that once you have children, your money starts to disappear very fast.

However, a mother in Indonesia found that her money had been literally laid to waste by her offspring.

That’s because her toddler had cut up her banknotes into strips.

Source: @mahisaka_ on TikTok

The mother had to resort to painstakingly pasting the pieces back together, a process she likened to doing a puzzle.

Indonesian toddler cuts up banknotes worth up to S$8.60 each

In TikTok videos posted on Thursday (7 Dec), user @mahisaka_ shared the aftermath of her daughter’s playtime with a pair of scissors.

Banknotes of various denominations lay shredded on the floor, with the largest worth 100,000 rupiah (S$8.60).

Source: @mahisaka_ on TikTok

The woman, who’s located in Solo city of Indonesia, captioned one of the videos, “Don’t teach me patience”.

In the other video, she wrote that this month’s shopping money was now all gone.

Source: @mahisaka_ on TikTok

Mother counsels child in remarkably patient manner

While many parents would blow their top if their child did something like this, the OP appeared to be remarkably patient.

A subsequent video showed her talking calmly to the girl, asking her why she cut up the money.


The toddler replied that she just wanted to cut something.

In an even-tempered tone, her mother explained that she shouldn’t cut money as it would be damaged and wouldn’t be fit for use.

The child apologised and the OP told her not to do it again. She then gave her mother a sweet peck on her hand.

Source: @mahisaka_ on TikTok

Mother pastes banknotes back together by hand

However, the mother’s job wasn’t done yet.

She posted another video showing her pasting the banknotes back together piece by piece with tape.

Source: @mahisaka_ on TikTok

In her caption, she compared the task to playing a puzzle.

Source: @mahisaka_ on TikTok

This proved to be true as she had to match the pieces that belonged together and stick them gingerly back to one another.

Source: @mahisaka_ on TikTok

The undertaking took her till dawn, she said, as she showed a clock indicating that she started at 12.15am.

Eventually, she only switched off the lights to go to sleep at 4am.

Source: @mahisaka_ on TikTok

Mother has patience of a saint

Considering what her child did, it’s not surprising that the OP felt the need to vent by sharing the incident with the Internet.

However, she deserves plaudits for having the patience of a saint, serenely rectifying the situation by counselling her daughter calmly and pasting the banknotes back together.

Then again, to be a parent, the patience of a saint is probably a basic requirement.

Hopefully, she managed to exchange the damaged banknotes successfully.

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Featured image adapted from @mahisaka_ on TikTok and TikTok.

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