Jurong West Family Allegedly Has Multiple Paranormal Encounters, Moves Out After 2.5 Years

Family Experiences Paranormal Encounters In Jurong West Flat

UPDATE (22 Jul, 5pm): An MS News reader has written in to inform us that this story has been circulating for several years, pertaining to different blocks in Jurong West. The article has been edited to reflect the changes. You may read the earlier posts here.

Jurong is home to some of the west’s best attractions. Jurong Bird Park, Science Centre and the only place where you can experience some semblance of winter, Snow City.

However, for a family in Jurong West they seemed to have experienced something else entirely.

In a lengthy Facebook post shared on Sunday (18 Jul), a friend of the family shared their paranormal experiences after moving into a Jurong West HDB unit.

The ghostly encounters had affected the family to the point where they moved out 2.5 years after signing the lease.

You can read the post in full here.

Couple bought HDB unit for $400,000

According to the Facebook post, we learn from the family’s friend that they had bought the flat at a discount.

The previous tenant had made extensive renovations to the flat. After only staying for a short while, they moved out.

Considering these factors, the family deemed the unit a good deal and purchased it on the spot. However, after doing some research into the area, they found out that the building was allegedly built over cemetery grounds.


The stories the husband and wife heard from neighbours scared them as they had just got married and sunk about $400,000 into the house.

Heard a voice crying “Mama!” at 2am

In the couple’s 30 months of living in the unit, they listed 5 paranormal experiences they had encountered.

The first anecdote starts with the husband, who says that he has been aware of black shadows darting in the corner of the living room hall. In one instance, at around 2 in the morning, he heard a voice clearly saying, “Mama!”

As he turned in the direction of the voice, he saw nothing there and states that his body went cold. His only daughter and wife were already sleeping soundly.

More spooky encounters in the bathroom & staircase

Secondly, he shares a time when his wife was washing her hair in the bathroom. As she bent forward to rinse her hair, she felt a hard push on the back of her head.

With shampoo all over, she couldn’t see the culprit. However, after calling for her daughter, she found out that she had been playing in the hall all this time.

The third story is especially spooky as he shared a time when their new neighbours came over to befriend them. A day after being acquainted, they met again in the lift.

The new neighbours asked the family about their son. After telling them they only had a daughter, they insisted they saw a young boy playing around the staircase.


The new neighbours swore by what they saw.

Mysterious eyes looking back at him

In another episode, the man was taking a shower in the evening. As he turned behind him, he saw a transparent human-like figure moving from one wall to another. He quickly pointed the shower spray in the direction of the figure before rushing out.

Lastly, the straw that broke the camel’s back, was when the man wanted to continue watching a television programme in his master bedroom.

When he wanted to turn on the TV, he saw a pair of shining blue eyes staring back at him. To be doubly sure, he even pulled out the power cable, but the pair of eyes was still there.

After that incident, the family moved out the morning after. The husband says that he managed to sell off the unit, albeit at a loss.

The man ends the post by advising potential homeowners to do their research before purchasing a new home.

While this recent post has gone viral, some netizens have noticed that it resembles a much older post from 2006. Even in that forum, other commenters claimed to have heard the story from other sources for a while already.

Hopefully family is living life undisturbed

Whatever the original source of the story may be, we can’t deny that a spooky story makes for a thrilling read. But if they prove to be true, the effects may have very visceral implications for the victims.

Although it’s easy to dismiss these stories when we hear them, they may hold some truth if other accounts are concerned.

Hopefully, the family has found a more welcoming home and is living life undisturbed.

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