M’sian Girl Says Grandpa Caught Covid-19 After Drinking Tea With Infected Friend, Mourns Him In Viral Video

Malaysian Girl Tearfully Recounts Grandpa Getting Infected With Covid-19 From Friend

When we do not take Covid-19 serious enough, we risk passing it on and endangering other people’s health.

One 10-year-old girl in Malaysia, for example, has unfortunately lost her ah gong – grandpa in Hokkien – to the virus.


After allegedly getting infected by his friend, her grandpa battled Covid-19 for 18 days but eventually succumbed to the virus.

Out for tea before Covid-19 test result

In an 11-minute long YouTube video on 19 Feb, Malaysian girl Mavis heartbreakingly recounts how her ah gong passed away from Covid-19.

According to Mavis, her grandpa allegedly got the virus from his irresponsible “good friend”.

After getting tested on 27 Dec 2020, the friend asked her grandpa out for tea on 31 Dec despite still waiting for his test results.

On 1 Jan 2021, his results came back positive which he also failed to inform her grandpa, who was a close contact.

3 days later (4 Jan), her grandpa developed symptoms such as flu, backpain and coldness, and was admitted to a hospital.



Grandpa not tested for Covid-19 until 7 days later

However, despite consistently having typical symptoms, her grandpa was not tested for Covid-19 until a week later.

This was because he had visited 2 general practitioner clinics, and Mavis claimed that the doctors did not recommend him to do a Covid-19 test.

His results came back positive with lung infection, and needed the ICU and ventilator the next morning.

According to Mavis, there was bed shortage at a Covid-19 designated facility.

As such, her grandpa spent 4 days at a private hospital before admittance into Sungai Buloh Hospital, Selangor.

18 days later on 29 Jan, he unfortunately passed away.

Grandpa was best person in the world

Mavis grieved the loss of her beloved ah gong, who cooked her favourite food, brought her for yummy dim sum, and helped blow dry her hair.


In the video, she said her ah gong was the best person she’s ever known in the world. But because of one “irresponsible” act, she can never see him again.


Reminder to be responsible

At the end of the video, Mavis sends out a heartfelt reminder that if you display typical symptoms, do get tested for Covid-19.

If you are waiting for your results, do stay isolated for the well-being of those around you.

Our hearts ache to think that 10-year-old Mavis made the video hoping others don’t have to experience what she went through.

We hope her ah gong rests in peace, and that her message of treating the virus more seriously gets through.

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