This Milk Brand Has Free 6-Month Supply Giveaway, Parents Can Stock Up For Kiddos

Nature One Dairy Has A Mega Giveaway With Purchase Of Selected Milk Formula

Attending to household matters while raising a young child can be quite the juggling act for young parents. In between the tantrums young kids throw and longer grocery bills, they could do with any help they can get.

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Having a ready milk supply to feed the little ones can undoubtedly tick at least one item off parents’ endless checklists. That’s where Nature One Dairy’s giveaway comes in clutch.

Parents can potentially come out of their shopping trips as winners with $7,110 worth of prizes for 50 winners, including milk formula and learning toys.

Here’s what you need to know to get into the action.

Nutritious milk formula for growing children

Milk formula is one of the essential items that parents have to spend on. Wanting the best option, especially, can set them back quite a fair bit.

Thankfully, Nature One Dairy has both parents’ and children’s welfare in mind, with their quality offering at affordable prices.

Made in Australia from grass-fed cow’s milk, their products contain all the nutrients kiddos need at every stage of growth.

Standard, Premium & Organic milk formulas with added benefits

Since the first 5 years of a child’s development is the most critical, finding the right milk formula for your toddler is key.

Nature One Dairy Standard Toddler Nutritious Milk Drink is an excellent way to start as its balanced formula covers the bases for your child’s growth.


Standard Toddler Nutritious Milk Drink Step 3 – $23.50 (U.P. $25.50)

Packed with nutrients such as lutein, taurine, Omega 3 and 6, it has all the right ingredients to boost your child’s mental and physical development.

As little ones may be prone to digestive problems, parents might want to consider the Premium Toddler Milk Drink too, which comes with Prebiotic GOS benefits.

Premium Toddler Nutritious Milk Drink Step 3 – $25.50 (U.P. $27.50)

Stimulating the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria in the colon, Prebiotic GOS helps prevent constipation, so your child will experience less frequent digestive discomfort.

If you’d like even greater assurance that your child isn’t consuming anything that may not sit well with their tummy, you can go for the Organic Toddler Milk Drink.

Organic Toddler Nutritious Milk Drink Step 3 – $35.50 (U.P. $37.50)

Made from organic milk powder, this will fit in well with your child’s all-natural diet that ensures a healthy digestive system.

Discounts on Nature One Dairy products & mega giveaway

Parents can rack up quite the bill at supermarket checkouts, from diapers to milk formula and toys for kids to tinker with.

Fortunately, adding any Toddler Milk Drinks to your shopping cart won’t be such a massive blow on your expenses as they’re on a special $2 discount until 15 Oct.

Other products on offer include the Premium Junior Nutritious Milk Drink Step 4 and Student Nutritional Formula.

Image courtesy of Nature One Dairy

As spending $50 on milk formula can be quite the norm, parents who do so on Nature One Dairy products in a single receipt can redeem a free snack cup for your little one.

You can also look forward to standing a chance at winning any of the following prizes worth $7,110 in total:

  • 5 x Grand Prize worth $980 each – 4 cartons of Nature One Dairy milk formula (about 6 months of supply) & Mega Bloks Build’N Learn Table
  • 20 x 2nd Prize worth $98 each – Nature One Dairy Gift Pack (milk formula included) & Hape Maple Blocks
  • 25 x 3rd Prize worth $10 each – $10 Motherswork voucher



Sorting out your parenting to-buy list and treating your kiddos to new toys will surely make you the ultimate multi-tasker at home.

Image courtesy of Nature One Dairy

No need to search high and low for the deals as Nature One Dairy products are available at selected stores across the following popular supermarkets:

  • FairPrice
  • Giant
  • Cold Storage
  • Sheng Siong
  • Prime

To read more about the contest’s terms and conditions, you may visit Nature One Dairy’s event page here.

Since all promotions and free gift redemption are while stocks last, you should hurry so you won’t miss your chance.

Only the best for your kiddos

With Children’s Day around the corner, getting gifts while replenishing essential supplies is the most efficient way to spend your precious time.

Once you have all the milk formula and toys ready, you can spare more time at home for your little ones. Because other than healthy nutrients, they’ll need lots of tender loving care to grow up happy too.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Nature One Dairy.

Featured images courtesy of Nature One Dairy.

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