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Photographer in S’pore captures nighttime picture of Sambar deer using lighting from street lamps

Photographer in Singapore captures picture of Sambar deer at nighttime

In the early hours of 12 May, Singaporean photographer Bernard Seah managed to snap a picture of a wild sambar deer in Singapore.

Despite it being nighttime, he managed to make full use of the street lamps’ lighting to make the picture a well-lit one.

Taking to the Nature Society Singapore Facebook page, Mr Seah shared the image of the deer.

Source: Facebook

Photographer snaps picture of sambar deer at nighttime

On 22 May, Mr Seah posted the picture he had taken of the sambar deer on the Nature Society Singapore Facebook page in celebration of Vesak Day.

He wrote: “A zen moment for Vesak Day.”

Source: Facebook

The long-time NParks volunteer and conservationist said that he snapped the picture of the stag at 1am on 12 May, with the only light sources around being the surrounding street lamps.

Using a lens with a fast zoom option and a wide aperture of 100mm to 300mm f2.8, he was able to take a breathtaking image of the deer.

“He knew of my presence in the area,” Mr Seah added, elaborating on the moment further. “I’d say he was comfortable with me in the area from the time he arrived.”

“In fact, he even grazed nearer my direction after this shot. He would graze and look up at me once every few minutes just to make sure I wasn’t a threat and continue what he was doing.”

Labelling them Singapore’s largest terrestrial mammals, the photographer and wildlife spotter noted that they were spectacular to observe.


A labour of patience

On Mother’s Day (12 May) at around 7.20pm, after having a Mother’s Day dinner at a nearby location, Mr Seah visited the location in the hope of getting a glimpse of Singapore’s majestic sambar deer.

He explained in another Facebook post that he had previously visited the same location looking for the mammal on 21 July 2020, before Singapore’s second Covid-19 lockdown.

After a couple of hours of exploring the area with his camera, he was finally met by the image of the sambar stag, after which he took several dozen shots as the deer meandered into the thick vegetation.

Upon returning home, Mr Seah debated whether to go back. He wrote, “I kept asking myself if I should go back to see if the individual comes out again or maybe more would appear!” So he packed his camera and once more ventured out.

The decision proved fruitful as in the early hours, he was rewarded with the sight of eight sambar deers, including the stag.

The wildlife photographer had been elated by the experience, writing in his post: “I am definitely no Mother but if I am going receive a gift on Mother’s Day itself, I couldn’t have wished for anything more or better!”

Netizens describe shot as majestic

His post has gained significant traction on Facebook with many users describing the shot and the animal itself as “majestic.”

Source: Facebook

Others praised the photographer for managing to capture such a captivating picture of the deer.

Source: Facebook

Some netizens expressed the desire to witness the deer in person as well.

Source: Facebook

This isn’t the first time sambar deer have been sighted in Singapore. On 21 April, a wildlife photographer also spotted a herd of the species grazing on a patch of grass along Mandai Road.

The animals would forage peacefully, occasionally lifting their heads to survey their surroundings.

If you want to see more of Bernard Seah’s wildlife shots, you can head to his Instagram page @OtterGrapher or his Facebook page BernardPhotoournals.

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Featured image adapted from Nature Society Singapore on Facebook.

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