Lady Refuses To Share HDB Lift With Food Delivery Man, Cites Pandemic Concerns

Lady Refuses To Share A Lift With Food Delivery Man In Viral Clip

Singapore residents living in high-rise apartments would be used to sharing lifts with our neighbours, or others who are visiting the block.

Recently, however, a video has been circulating on social media, showing a lady allegedly refusing to share a HDB lift with a food delivery rider.


When he asked her why the lady cited pandemic concerns and insisted that the rider got on another lift.

Lady refuses to share lift with food delivery rider in Hougang

On Friday (23 Jul), a netizen shared a video showing the encounter which reportedly took place at Block 506 along Hougang Avenue 8. A cluster of 8 cases had emerged there earlier in May.

Several Covid-19 Cases Reported At Block 506 Hougang Ave 8, All Residents To Be Swabbed

The clip first appeared on the FoodPanda Delivery Riders (SINGAPORE) Facebook group but has since been reshared on numerous other pages.

At the start of the clip, a delivery rider unloads what appears to be a McDonald’s order from the back of his bicycle.


As he turns around, a resident is seen attempting to manoeuvre a bike, on which a young boy is sitting, out of a lift.

Seeing the predicament the resident is in, the rider immediately reaches for the button to hold the door.


Lady insists on taking lift alone

Seconds later, a lady in red abruptly barges into the lift and tells the rider to “wait for next one”.


When the rider asks why that should be the case, the lady replies sternly that she “don’t share lift”.


Insisting that she was there first, she instructs the rider to release the lift button.

The man attempts to reason with her by citing his delivery commitments, but the lady seems rather adamant and repeats her request for him to take another lift.


The rider eventually gives up arguing and lets go of the button.

As the doors close, the lady can be heard saying “it’s pandemic”, presumably to justify her actions.


Netizens say she could have been less rude

Countless netizens have since commented on the video, with many disapproving of the woman’s actions.

This Facebook user pointed out that the lady does not have exclusive rights to use the lift as it is a public amenity.


Another netizen thought her request was reasonable but would have allowed others to board the lift first if placed in her position.


Keep our interactions with others polite & cordial

Given the infectious nature of the Covid-19 virus, it’s understandable that individuals may want to keep a safe distance from one another.

While there’s no rule stopping residents from requesting to board the lift alone, perhaps it would be better do so in a more polite and tactful manner.

Did the lady go overboard with her request? Let us know in the comments.

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