Auntie Finishes 10 Bowls Of Curry Noodles In 45 Mins, Gets Them For Free

Auntie Finishes 10 Bowls Of Curry Noodles At Tampines Foodcourt

Besides finding where the best deals are, our friendly aunties may have other lesser known passions too.

For this auntie, her undying love is for curry noodles, specifically, the one at the Koufu Food Court at Block 478 Tampines Street 44, which she’d reportedly visit every 3-4 days.


So when Phase 2 Heightened Alert (P2HA) was announced, she decided to visit the stall a day before dine-ins were suspended to get her noodle fix there while she still could. And in one shot, she ordered 10 bowls of curry noodles.

The stall owner was so shocked that he offered to let her have the meal for free if she could finish it all. Lo and behold, she did.

Auntie a regular customer of curry noodle stall

According to Lianhe Wanbao, 67-year-old Mdm Jiang (name translated from Chinese) would often visit the food court with her husband to satisfy her curry noodle craving. 

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The stall is said to have many loyal diners who patronise it regularly.

When news broke of the new dining restrictions, Mdm Jiang reportedly called up the stall owner and arranged to have 10 bowls of curry noodles prepared for her.

She’d come by and have it before P2HA kicked in. 

Cleared 10 bowls of curry noodles in 45 minutes

The stallholder told Lianhe Wanbao that Mdm Jiang ordered 10 bowls of the small-sized portions, which roughly comes up to about $30. 

According to the stallholder, younger customers could generally eat up to 3-4 bowls. So, when he heard of Mdm Jiang’s 10 bowl order, he could hardly believe her. 

He thus decided to offer her a deal — if she could finish all 10 bowls of noodles by herself, she could have them all on the house.

To everyone’s surprise, Mdm Jiang managed to clear all 10 bowls in under 45 minutes.

Imagine downing bowls of noodles with chicken, potatoes, fish cake slices, tofu soaked in a thick curry broth.

The stallholder shared his disbelief with Lianhe Wanbao, saying that he never thought anyone of Mdm Jiang’s age and build could eat like that.

He went so far as to claim that he had never seen someone her age with such an appetite in over 10 years. 

Cravings satisfied in the nick of time

The recent P2HA news was a downer for most people, with many of us having our plans cancelled. 

However, some see it as a last chance to enjoy the simple things in life before the suspension kicked in.

Thankfully, the auntie thought of the latter and managed to satisfy her cravings in the nick of time. 

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Featured image adapted from @crappysotong on Instagram & OK Like Heart, for illustration purposes only.

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