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Temasek To Issue 3rd Batch Of Free Masks, Public Advised To Avoid Crowds On First 2 Days

Temasek Foundation To Issue 3rd Batch Of Free Masks Which Comes With Compartment For Additional Filters

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, Temasek Foundation has twice distributed free masks to members of the public through its nationwide distribution exercises.

Image from Temasek Foundation

Come 30 Nov, Temasek Foundation will be distributing its 3rd batch of free masks. This time, the masks will be different from those issued over previously, allowing for additional filters to be added for more protection.


Members of the public are also advised to avoid crowds on the first 2 days of collection.

Temasek 3rd batch of free masks available from 30 Nov to 13 Dec

According to Temasek Foundation’s Facebook post, the mask distribution exercise will take place from 30 Nov to 13 Dec.


For its latest exercise, 3D reusable masks from Proshield will reportedly be issued, instead of the DET30 ones that we’ve seen over the past 2 distributions.

Image from an MS News reader 

Unlike the DET30 masks, the ones from Proshield has ‘pockets’ that allows for filters to be inserted for additional protection.


In fact, ‘spare’ filters will apparently be issued to members of the public, together with the reusable masks.

In terms of fit, the 3D masks are apparently more similar to the ‘circular’ masks found in the National Day Parade (NDP) funpacks.


Ms Ho Ching, CEO of Temasek said in a separate Facebook post that the masks are breathable and can be used while exercising.

She added that the masks will fit the user’s facial contours and will not slip down even while he or she is talking.

Can be pre-ordered at $12 per pair

Similar to previous exercises, each person is allowed to collect a pair of reusable masks — together with the spare filters.

Additional masks can also be pre-ordered from 10 am on 30 Nov at $12 per pair, though it appears the masks are only available in one colour — black.


Collection points are likely to be the same as previous exercises, at StayMasked vending machines islandwide.

The masks will come in 4 sizes, so be sure to do the necessary measurements before collecting the face coverings.


Ms Ho Ching also urges members of the public to avoid crowds on the first 2 days of launch, assuring everyone that there are enough masks to go around.

More details will be reportedly be released next Thursday (26 Nov).

Time to replace your worn-out ones

If you’ve been going out often and the masks from previous distribution exercises are already looking worn-out, be sure to collect the new ones to protect yourself and your loved ones.

That said, let’s heed Ms Ho advice and not chiong to collect them as soon as they’re available, which may lead to unnecessary crowding.

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