Customer Finds Uncooked Burger Patty From Punggol McDonald’s Outlet, Company Apologises For Incident

Punggol McDonald’s Outlet Serves Uncooked Burger Patty, Manager Offers Refund

McDonald’s is many Singaporeans’ go-to restaurant if they’re craving fast food. Even though its offerings aren’t exactly fine dining, we’d at least trust that they’re properly cooked.

A customer’s experience at a McDonald’s outlet near Punggol Plaza, however, was tainted by the sight of an uncooked burger patty.

The customer understandably felt disgusted by the sight and feared food poisoning.

After the customer complained, the outlet’s manager offered a full refund and promised to pay for any medical bills that might arise due to the burger.

McDonald’s has since apologised for the incident. The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) is currently investigating the case.

Woman served uncooked burger patty at McDonald’s

On Monday (4 Dec), Facebook user Ms Tan posted about her experience after patronising a McDonald’s outlet near Punggol Plaza.

Source: Juan-Gabriel Bocanegra on Google Maps

Recounting her experience, Ms Tan told MS News that she bit into something “cold and mushy” after sinking into the Quarter Pounder with cheese that she had bought for takeaway.

Opening the burger for a better look, she shockingly found the beef patty still clearly pink and uncooked.

Source: Facebook

Unlike something such as steak, uncooked ground beef can contain harmful bacteria, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

Ms Tan quickly lost her appetite, fearing she could get food poisoning.


Source: Facebook

She subsequently complained to the outlet’s manager, who offered a full refund and to pay for any medical bills she might incur from consuming the burger.

Source: Facebook

Describing the exchange, Ms Tan said, “She (the manager) was very apologetic and kept apologising to me.”

The manager also gave Ms Tan her name and took down the latter’s name in return.

Customer reports incident to SFA

Ms Tan further confirmed that they offered a replacement burger. However, she felt too revolted to eat and said she wouldn’t return to the outlet again.

Source: Facebook

After some discussion, she also proceeded to report the incident to SFA and is now awaiting their response.

She hoped that it would create awareness to ensure “tighter standards” in the meals.

Source: Facebook

As for her health, she reported that nothing felt amiss. However, she claimed that food poisoning could take a day or two to hit, leaving her waiting anxiously.

Source: Facebook

She also worried that others may have eaten uncooked patties cooked in the same batch as hers.

In response to MS News‘ queries, a McDonald’s spokesperson said they have reached out to the OP “to make good on the matter”.

They took the opportunity to apologise for the incident, adding that they’ve reinforced to all its restaurant teams the importance of adhering to operational and cooking procedures.

Meanwhile, SFA told 8world News that they’re currently investigating the incident.

In a similar incident, a diner was served undercooked chicken at Italian restaurant Prego in Bras Basah.

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Featured image adapted from 陈芊利 on Facebook and Juan-Gabriel Bocanegra on Google Maps.

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