Lady Hits Gong While S’pore Neighbour Performs Hindu Prayer, Police Investigating

Lady Hits Gong Loudly While Neighbour Performs Hindu Prayer Outside Home

UPDATE (5.30pm, 10 Jun): The police are currently investigating the incident after a report was made.

The man who uploaded the video is also “coordinating” with the cops, reports TODAY.

Racial and religious harmony is the bedrock of our society. So, it’s only understandable that Singaporeans became concerned when recent incidents put that into question.

S’pore Man Told To Date People Of His Own Ethnicity, Calls Out Racist Behaviour In Viral Video

On Wednesday (9 Jun), a man uploaded a clip that shows his neighbour loudly hitting a gong as he was performing a Hindu ritual at home.

The clip has since gone viral with many netizens labelling the actions as being racially insensitive.

Man performs Hindu prayer at home with ‘gong performance’ as BGM

At the start of the clip, the man was seen carrying out a prayer at the entrance of an apartment while ringing a bell using his left hand.


Just seconds later, a lady in yellow exits the adjacent unit and bends down to grab a stick that’s conveniently placed outside her home.


Without warning, she starts striking the metal instrument with the mallet while sauntering along the corridor.


The man instantly lets out a smile, almost as if he had fully expected this to happen.


Seemingly undisturbed by the neighbour’s ‘performance’, the man continues with his ritual.


However, the neighbour’s gong concerto merely lasts 15 seconds as she retreats into her unit with a wide smirk.


According to the man, his family has been performing the 5-minute prayer twice a week over the 2 decades that they’ve been staying there.

Though they apparently did not face any issues previously, he said that there appears to be “a new norm” during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Netizens call out insensitive behaviour

The clip has since gone viral with more than 600 comments at the time of writing.

Many Facebook users rightfully pointed out the disrespectful and rude nature of the woman’s behaviour.


One netizen was of the opinion that the woman’s apparent ignorance was the root of her intolerant behaviour.


Another user joked that the auntie may have been trying to join the man in his prayer ritual.


Let’s be more sensitive & respectful towards each another

Jokes aside, it’s extremely worrying that more of such racially insensitive incidents have been happening in recent times.

Singapore has come a long way since our early days, but we can never afford to have our fundamental values like racial and religious values getting eroded.

We hope Singaporeans will be more sensitive and respectful towards each other, irrespective of their ethnicity and beliefs.

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