Paya Lebar Restaurant Customer Refuses To Pay For Allegedly Non-Irish Duck, Police Report Lodged

Customer At Paya Lebar Restaurant Walks Out Without Paying For Roast Irish Duck

It is a given that we should treat our local restaurants with the respect they deserve for the service they bring us. A restaurant in Paya Lebar, however, experienced the very opposite of this cardinal rule.

According to Duckland at Paya Lebar Quarter mall (PLQ), a customer walked out without paying for his food — allegedly because the duck he received was not Irish enough for him.

He had ordered a half Roast Irish duck, which he determined with a look was not from Ireland after all. After complaining to a restaurant staff, he left without paying.

Duckland is under TungLok Group, which has since filed a police report against the customer. They also warn all dining establishments to keep a lookout for him.

Duck at Paya Lebar Quarter mall restaurant not Irish enough

In an Instagram post on Wednesday (23 Mar), TungLok Group described an incident involving a customer who had entered Duckland at PLQ mall on 2pm that day.


After being shown to his seat, the customer proceeded to order a half Roast Irish duck.


When the dish was served, he allegedly took a single look at it before calling staff over. Once they arrived, he claimed that the duck was not as Irish as the name suggests.

As seen from the CCTV footage posted by the restaurant, the staff was reportedly patient and professional with the customer.


However, he was dissatisfied with their reassurances, and called the manager over as well.

After some back-and-forth with the manager, the customer reportedly packed up his belongings and vacated the premises. He also did not pay for the uneaten Roast Irish Duck.

Police report filed against customer

In the Instagram caption, TungLok Group assured followers that their Irish ducks are 100% born and bred in Ireland.


They emphasised in the post that,

For the record, Duckland prides itself as a specialty restaurant serving ducks shipped direct from Ireland. All our roast ducks are prepared using Irish ducks from Ireland’s Silver Hill Farm.

TungLok Group has since filed a police report against the customer for refusing to pay for the duck, which they said had gone to waste.

At the end of the post, they also warned other dining establishments to keep a lookout, lest they suffer the same ordeal as well.

Treat restaurant staff with respect

This incident comes right on the heels of couple leaving a restaurant without paying for their food. Such behaviour is unacceptable, as our local eateries deserve the base minimum of respect that they are owed.

Hopefully, due justice can be served to the restaurant despite this ordeal.

In the meantime, we urge all patrons to treat dining staff with respect. Definitely do not duck the responsibility of forking out cash for your food.

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Featured image adapted from TungLok Group on Instagram and Google Maps.

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