Pulau Ubin Dog Chills With Campers & Protects Them At Night, Gets Lots Of Love

Pulau Ubin Dog Chases Monkeys & Accompanies Campers On Hikes

Following the heartbreaking death of Kopi-O in 2021, and his brother Teh C facing kidney issues, a new doggo has stepped up as the protector of Pulau Ubin.

A TikTok user who went camping on the island shared two videos of the adorable canine in action on her page.

He accompanied the campers at night and even helped to chase monkeys away.

Pulau Ubin dog chases monkeys & accompanies campers

In her first video, the OP shared footage of herself giving the dog a shiok massage.

Through the video captions, she described him as “fearless” and shared that he was a “sweetie” to campers.

Source: @lapindise on TikTok

The friendly canine apparently even helped to chase monkeys away when they tried to invade the campers’ space.

In a follow-up video, the OP dubbed the dog a “guardian angel”.

She then shared clips of the dog accompanying the group on their adventures around the island.

He was there when they scavenged for wood, and in true gentlemanly fashion, even accompanied the ladies to the toilet at night.

Source: @lapindise on TikTok

He also stayed by their side throughout the night, cosying up in a spot next to the tents.

Source: @lapindise on TikTok

The OP ended her video by thanking the canine for being an “awesome camping buddy”.

Source: @lapindise on TikTok

Pulau Ubin dog has an owner on the island

However, it appears as though the OP was not the first camper that the dog protected. One user shared that the canine once followed them on a hike.

Source: TikTok

They guessed that he was cared for by a drink stall auntie on the island.

Another shared that the dog enjoyed swimming, and reckoned he stayed in the houses near the campsite.

Source: TikTok

Meanwhile, one user speculated that the dog was a beagle named Bella, who belonged to a bike rental store on the island.

Source: TikTok

A volunteer told MS News that the dog has an owner on the island, who’s aware that it loves to guide visitors.

As most canines on Pulau Ubin have homes, they’re not strays, as some visitors may think.

Campers give shoutout to island’s protector

Although the dog seems to already have a loving owner of its own, it’s nice to see that he’s still well-loved by so many others.

We hope that the island’s visitors will continue to treat him with the TLC he deserves.

Have you seen this lovable dog at Pulau Ubin before? Share your wholesome encounters in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from @lapindise on TikTok.

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