‘I hate talking to you guys already’: Message from teacher in M’sia for students sparks debate

Message from a fed-up teacher in Malaysia sparks debate online

“Assalamualaikum…I hate talking to you guys already.”

This was the message left by a teacher at a private school in Malaysia after students were caught misbehaving by playing games in class.

Source: Reddit

A Reddit user shared the whiteboard message on the R/Bolehland subreddit, asking for opinions on the situation.

Netizens were divided with some expressing sympathy for the teacher. Others, however, admonished the teacher for grammatical errors.

Teacher leaves a message on the whiteboard for students

On 15 May, a Reddit user made a post titled “Requesting opinion” on the Bolehland subreddit.

According to the post, the image shared was a message left by a teacher after the teacher caught some students playing games on their iPads.

The OP added context by saying that the private school they attend used “iPads as the book.”

The message on the whiteboard started with a typical greeting. However, the second line simply states: “I hate talking to you guys already.”

It then tells students to do what they wish in class.

“If you still think of me as a teacher, you can write your essay in your book,” read the message.

Netizens offer sympathies to the teacher as well as criticism

The post drew much attention with many of the top comments offering sympathy to the teacher.

Some comments encouraged the students to apologize to the teacher even if they weren’t the ones caught misbehaving in class.

Source: Reddit

Another commenter, claiming to be a teacher, shed light on the difficulties of being an educator.

“Today many students don’t just lack the knowledge but they lack the capabilities to behave,” they said.

However, they also criticised the teacher for their “textbook level grammar mistakes”.

Source: Reddit

On the topic of misbehaving students, one user harkened back to the days of corporal punishment to discipline students.

Source: Reddit

A disagreement ensued with commenters saying that punishments were often too severe, with teachers destroying student belongings at times.

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