MOH Won’t Release Daily Covid-19 Statements From 7 Dec As Current Delta Wave Is...

The public will be updated on significant developments like the Omicron Variant.

Thailand Detects 1st Omicron Case, Brought In By Traveller Who Arrived From Spain

Thailand is the 47th country to detect the new Omicron variant. 

Omicron Spreads Across HK Hotel Hallway, CCTV Footage Shows No One Left Their Rooms

Could've spread when doors were opened for food collection or Covid-19 testing.

S’pore PR Tests Preliminarily Positive For Omicron Variant, Was On Same Flight As 2...

This is the third case detected so far.

Existing Vaccines Still Effective Against Omicron Variant, Boosters Should Be Taken: MOH

However, many questions remain with no clear answers.

Migrant Workers Can’t Enter S’pore Via VTL If They’ll Be Staying In Dorms, Says...

Dorms are higher-risk settings, MOM said.

S’pore Company’s Test Kits Can Detect Omicron & Delta Variants, They’re Manufactured Locally

They cost about half the price of imported kits. 

2 Omicron-Infected Passengers Transited Through S’pore In Nov, Both Stayed In Holding Area

There's no evidence of community transmission from the cases.

S’pore VTL Arrivals Must Take Daily Covid-19 Tests From 7 Dec, Including Those Entering...

It's a matter of time before Omicron establishes itself in Singapore, MOH said.

M’sia To Continue VTL With S’pore Despite Reporting First Omicron Case

The infected patient arrived from South Africa and transited through Singapore.


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