Meritocracy In Singapore: Why Is It So Hard To Get Right?

It's hard to objectively define merit.

Man Writes Heart-Wrenching Poem In Tribute To Fallen CFC Dave Lee, After Military Funeral

Tributes Pour In As CFC Dave Lee's Friends And Family See Him Off At A Military Funeral The wordless grief of a mother who's lost her son, echoes in stark contrast to a nation yearning for answers. 900 people turned up to pay tribute to Corporal First Class Dave (CFC) Lee...

Singaporeans Confront Mental Health Stigma In Poignant Experiment

Mental Health Stigma Is A Real Issue In Singapore Some people say love doesn't discriminate. Well, neither does mental health illness. A bunch of Singaporeans learnt this lesson in more ways than you'd expect in a meaningful experiment by Beyond The Label SG. The viral video has garnered 1.6k shares in just...

Places You Can Drink At In Singapore Without Being Jailed

Dude, where's my beer? If you haven't already heard of the proposed Liquor Control Bill, we just have one question for you -- Where's this rock you've been living under? Anyway, here's a quick recap of the Bill's details: No consumption of alcohol in public places between 10.30pm and 7.30am daily, No...
lochness monster

The Straits Times Reports “Loch Ness Monster” Sighting

The Straits Times Finds Loch Ness Monster In a bid to stay relevant in the face of declining readership numbers, The Straits Times ran a story on Sep 12, 2014 with the headline. “Could this be an image of the Loch Ness monster?” To support their claim, they attached a picture...

PM Lee Takes On Singlish, Raffles Institution & High/Low SES Drama In Parliamentary Speech

PM Lee Makes A Low-Key Commentary On Elitism In Singaporean Society As Response To President's Address On Wednesday (16 May), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (PM Lee) described his ideal vision of Singapore, We want Singapore society to maintain an informal and egalitarian tone, where people interact freely and comfortably as...

Singapore Needs To Stop Caning For Vandalism

I agree with caning as punishment - but not for vandalism Two German men were charged with vandalism and sentenced to three months in prison and three strokes of the cane each. Once again, as with the last time a foreign vandal was sentenced to be caned -- Swiss national...

NUS Students Post Hilariously Savage Reactions To Town Hall On Voyeur Case

'Review Committee' was the phrase of the day.

We Should Stop Misusing ‘Cultural Appropriation’ & Celebrate Our Cultures Without Fear

The difference between appropriation and appreciation.

How Singapore’s MRT Compares To Other Asian Rail Networks

Comparing Rail Networks Across Asia Stuffy, overpacked, and constantly breaking down.  There’s no doubt that taking trains during peak hours - or in general - has become less comfortable in the last few years. Especially with so many incidents happening to trains in the recent months, from flooding, to a "coming together"...



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