S’pore Suicides Rose To 400 In 2019, With More Youngsters Calling Hotlines For Help

71 people in their 20s took their lives in 2019.

Aljunied MP Gerald Giam ‘Matchmakes’ Resident Seeking Job To Hirer, Interview Conducted On The...

He will continue to help residents looking for new roles.

Migrant Worker Stands On Kaki Bukit Dorm Ledge, Thankfully Rescued On 31 Jul

We hope that the man's problems can be resolved.
S'pore Christians

Truelove.is Group Talk About Being “Cancelled”, Want People To Respect Their Choices

They say they've not been brainwashed to reject their sexuality.

MSF Clarifies Viral Ah Umm Story, Will Provide Help With Her Expenses

MSF urged the public to link up the vulnerable with them.

Buyer Orders 100KG Durians Then Ghosts Seller, Money Was Meant For KDF Charity Drive

The customer was unreachable after that.

S’pore Christian Apologises For Joanna Theng’s Apology, Seeks Forgiveness On Her Behalf

A Redditor says sorry to all whom the Church has hurt.


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