Yew Tee Gold Thief Runs Away With $35k Jewellery; Nabbed After 2 Days

He got away by running very fast.

Local Bodybuilder Who Shamed Woman For Eating Ice Cream Apologises After Backlash

'Fat shamed' by a bodybuilder for eating ice cream.

2 Suspects Caught For Illegal Deepavali Fireworks; Netizens’ Reactions Are Mixed

We look into why fireworks are banned in the first place.

CNA Documentary Shows That The Class Divide Is Real In Singapore

The Class Divide Only Gets Worse In Our Schools "If you have the most expensive things, you're the most popular also." This is how one lower primary student feels about the rich and the poor in her school. So what exactly was "expensive" to the student? Smiggle pencil case, Smiggle bag, whatever...

Pigeon Killing Video Sparks Debate On Animal Welfare In Singapore

Viral Video Starts Online Debate on Pigeon Culling Do we treat pigeons as pests or as VIPs? A Facebook video that has gone viral shows a flock of pigeons in her neighbourhood. The video shows the birds being poisoned and also captured their death a few seconds later. "Modern-day genocide" The person behind...



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