Sembcorp Marine Apologises To Jurong Dorm Workers Over Food Complaints, Takes Caterer To Task

Delays in transferring Covid-positive workers also caused "great unhappiness".

S’pore Junior Doctor Says Healthcare Workers Need Better Support, ‘Thoughts & Prayers’ Aren’t Enough

An Instagram campaign thanking frontliners is unhelpful, they say.

72-Year-Old Uncle Who Sleeps At Hawker Centres Receives Money From Kind Volunteers

He plans on getting a haircut and beard trim using the money.

S’pore Boy Steals $4K To Buy Top-Up Cards, Mother Warns Parents Of Gaming Addiction

He stole around 2 months worth of living expenses.

CCK Uncle Regularly Digs Through Trash & Splashes Water, Family Reveals He’s Mentally Unwell

Neighbours allegedly retaliated by spoiling his door and splashing water into the house.

Women Caregivers Require More Financial & Emotional Support, PM Lee Says MOH Studies Are...

A survey found women were 4 times more likely to leave their jobs for caregiving than men.

Commentary: Time For S’poreans To Stop Judging People By The Schools They Attended

School-based elitism unfortunately persists in Singapore.

S’pore Needs To Go Beyond The Law To Protect Kids From Paedophiles: President Halimah

Sex crimes leave behind physical & psychological damage on the victims.

Man Grooms Dog In Middle Of S’pore Walkway, Netizens Call Out Irresponsible Behaviour

He was later seen "cleaning up" by kicking the dog fur to the grass.

S’pore Should Pay Paralympians Better, Athletes Deserve Respect & Dignity: Tommy Koh

The unequal pay goes against the UN Disability Convention.


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