Club Penguin Is Back Online, Fun Times For Millennials Stuck In Their ‘Igloos’

Club Penguin Makes Glorious Comeback Online, Restoring Iconic Locations Like The Dojo & Nightclub

Before Instagram and TikTok, millenials used to sit for hours in front of their computers, playing online games like Miniclip and Moshi Monsters.

Most late 90s and early 00s kids would have also played Club Penguin, a multiplayer online game where users can interact and join activities in a virtual winter town.


Hence, fans were devastated when the game was thought to have shut down for good in 2017, making way for a mobile app.


Little did we know, Club Penguin just came back online — bigger and better.

It might be the optimal tool to keep yourself entertained during self-quarantine, if watching Netflix and other TV channels is already feeling like a boring routine.

Revisit dojo & ski lodge in Club Penguin

Since its reboot in March, Club Penguin Online has been rapidly expanding its servers to accommodate over 6 million users worldwide.


Their popularity is no surprise considering that they restored old locations and games that many fans hold dear.

Besides training to become a blackbelt ninja at the old dojo, you can revisit the pizza parlour and ski hill, solve murder mysteries as an undercover agent, and purchase a pet Puffle at the store.


Many of these nostalgic activities are still available on this new online site, making it easy for us to hop back onto the bandwagon.


Perhaps, we might still be able to use past cheat pages for some extra help.

Membership is free

The days of vying for other penguins’ limited edition items are over, now that developers have made membership free.

This means we can buy items that were once locked away from our reach.

Ideal pastime while you are stuck in your ‘igloo’

While we cannot meet our friends physically during this outbreak, you can now take your gatherings online through a Club Penguin ‘party’.


This might take your mind off and cure your boredom, giving you a well-needed throwback moment with your buddies.

For people who have yet to come across Club Penguin, there is no harm getting to know this well-loved game with all the spare time at hand.

You can find this new version here.

What are your most memorable Club Penguin moments? Share your stories with us in the comments below!

Featured image adapted from Mel Magazine.

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