Kind Uncle Sets Up Free ‘Mama Shop’ For Voters In Queue, Even Offers House Restroom

Homeowner Offers Drinks & Restroom For Voters In Queue

Winding lines were spotted outside Polling Stations this morning (10 Jul), much to the dismay of some elderly Singaporeans.

But a kind uncle came to the rescue by setting up a mini ‘mama shop’ providing refreshments for thirsty voters.


An impressed netizen took to Facebook to share his heartwarming deed, reminding us to stay united on an important occasion like Polling Day.


Kind uncle distributes drinks & water

As seen in the images, the homeowner assembled a make-shift ‘shop’, distributing free refreshments such as packet drinks and mineral water.


The netizen apparently came across the kind man’s home while queuing at CHIJ Our Lady Of Good Counsel (CLGC) Polling Station.

He even drew up posters, urging senior citizens in line to help themselves to the boxes of mineral water, a touching sight for anyone queuing at midday.

We can tell how much effort he put into this project, simply by the small trashcan he placed under the wooden table so that no one has to hold on to empty cartons or bottles while in line.

Offers home restrooms

Perhaps, the unexpected long queues might also result in an inconvenient need to visit the restroom.


The uncle placed a sign on a portable whiteboard, offering up his house restroom to any voters who may have needed to dash to the loo urgently.

We’re sure that he’ll also take necessary measures to sanitise the place thoroughly after the event.

Uncle’s mini mama shop displays Singapore spirit

Certainly, his kind & meticulous gestures to better the lives of fellow citizens have touched the hearts of many waiting in line, and netizens alike.

Image courtesy to an MS News reader

We think his considerate act truly embodies our Singapore spirit, showcasing our nation’s unity regardless of our political views.

Kudos to this uncle for his generosity and uplifting act of kindness.

It is a timely reminder that we are one people no matter who we cast our vote for at the polling stations today.

Featured image adapted from Facebook & Facebook.

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