Snaking Queues At Some Polling Stations, Younger S’poreans Advised To Vote At Allocated Time Slot

Singaporeans Spot Hour-Long Queues At Some Polling Stations

Today (10 Jul) is Polling Day and many Singaporeans are flocking to Polling Stations across their island to cast their votes.

However as polling starts in the morning, some stations are seeing snaking queues, with some translating to waiting periods for more to an hour.


Netizens took to social media to express their concern for senior citizens waiting in line.


Long queues at Polling Stations

Since this morning, images and footage of long lines outside Polling Stations have circulated on social media.

Most worryingly, citizens noticed that there are huge groups of elderly queuing in line, who potentially have to wait an hour before they get to vote. This is perhaps linked to the fact that slots in the morning have been assigned to those 65 and above.

Queue outside Bendemeer Primary
Image from Whatsapp

Not only is it dangerous for them to be out and about amidst a pandemic, but it’s also pretty back-breaking work to stand for such long durations.

Morning slots assigned to seniors

To protect the elderly, morning slots have been reserved for citizens 65 and above so they can have a hustle-free and safe experience.

Queue at Jurong West
Image from Whatsapp

Though the 8am-12pm timeslots have been set aside for the elderly, the long lines still persist.


ELD urge younger voters to adhere to assigned time slots

ELD has since issued a statement acknowledging that there are “longer than usual queues” at some Polling Stations.

Hence, they urge younger voters, except those accompanying seniors, to stick to their assigned time slots after 12pm.

Voters are also encouraged to check the queue situation via the VoteQ portal before heading down to cast their votes.

This Website Lets You Check Polling Station Queues So You Can Avoid Crowds

Polling stations close at 8pm

There is still plenty of time before polling stops at 8pm, hence there is no need to rush down to cast your votes.

That said, please remember to check the queue status at your respective Polling Station before heading down.

Have you cast your vote? If so, how long did you have to wait? Share your experiences in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Whatsapp & Facebook.

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