This Website Lets You Check Polling Station Queues So You Can Avoid Crowds

Check Polling Station Queues By Keying In Your Postal Code

Polling Day has finally arrived, and citizens aged 21 and above are headed to respective polling stations to cast their votes to elect future leaders of Singapore.


With millions headed out to vote today (10 Jul), it’s inevitable that the polling stations get crowded at some point.

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If you’re worried about braving the crowds, this website might be able to help you avoid them instead.


The nifty website lets you know exactly how many voters are queuing for the polls at your respective polling centres at any time, with just the help of your postal code.

Key in postal code to check queue status

Before heading down, voters can first scope out the queue situation via keying in your postal code at the VoteQ Go Where microsite.


This lets you check how many other voters are in-line at your assigned polling station.


The website also tells you your electoral division, polling district, and polling station too.

This way, you won’t have to guesstimate the number of people at the station, and can safely avoid the queues, especially if you’re accompanying an elderly person.

Bring your NRIC & gloves

Voting is a little different this year, so do remember to stay safe and sanitise your hands before and after you’ve cast your vote.

Here’s an infographic we’ve compiled for your reference, as a checklist with what steps to take before voting.

Voters are expected to wear disposable gloves during the process, so if you’d like to reduce waste, you can bring a pair of your own along with you to the polls.

Stay safe & vote wisely

General Election 2020 is an election like no other — both literally and figuratively.

Whether you’ve been following the GE2020 tea this year, it’s crucial that you vote wisely, if you haven’t already.

Our nation will be up against challenges beyond this General Election, and we’ll need effective ideas and strategies to see us through future storms.

So it’s crucial to make your voice heard by heading down to the polls to show your support for your party of choice. All the best to our young first-time voters & stay safe.

Featured image adapted from Twitter.

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