70% Of Polling Queues See 20 Or Less People At 4pm, Probably A Good Time To Avoid Crowds & Vote

Polling Queues See Much Fewer People In Evening, Stark Contrast To Morning Situation

This morning (10 Jul), polling stations across Singapore saw hoards of voters, with many seniors waiting in line to cast their votes.


Queues were so long, some voters apparently had to wait over an hour before they were able to vote.

According to Channel NewsAsia’s (CNA’s) live updates, however, the queue situation has improved significantly as we head into the evening.


If you haven’t voted yet, now’s probably the best time to do so if you want to avoid the crowds.

Most polling queues less than 20 persons long

Around 70% of queues at Polling Stations across Singapore have 20 or less voters in line, according to ELD’s update at 4.48pm this evening.

The queue lengths were a far cry from some of the snaking lines that stretched across entire blocks this morning.


Some kind souls even offered their homes’ toilets to those waiting in line, lest they suffer an ’emergency’ due to the long wait.

Long queues apparently due to glove-wearing & other safety measures

The queues this morning were apparently due to the glove-wearing safety measure put in place by the ELD.

Voters were instructed to put on gloves before voting and dispose of them before leaving the centre.


This was done away by the early afternoon, as it added to the voting duration significantly.

Head down to vote now if you haven’t yet

Seeing as we’re nearing the end of the voting period, those who have yet to vote should head down now, especially since the queues are much shorter.

That said, please check for the Polling Station queue status via this website before heading down.

This election has certainly been like no other, and we hope every eligible voter has had the opportunity to cast their votes, and have a say in the future parliament.

Featured image adapted from Twitter

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