Disney+ Now Hiring In S’pore, A Great Backup If You Can’t Work At The Happiest Place On Earth

Disney+ Releases Job Openings In Singapore, In Signal Of Imminent Arrival

Every kid’s dream job is to work at Disneyland, perhaps as a part-time princess or Pooh’s best friend.

Though not quite as similar, jobs at streaming platform Disney+ are now available for professionals in Singapore.


This might be a golden opportunity for those who seek to be part of their family, close to the place where dreams come true.

Disney+ releases job openings in Singapore

Earlier this week, Disney Careers released a slew of job openings for a variety of positions on its website.

It’s looking to recruit locals specialising in areas like social media, public relations & communications, brand marketing and graphic designing.

Here’s a sample of what’s available; you can view the full list of jobs here:


For experienced applicants only

Well, these positions will certainly attract many applications, considering how well-known the brand is even before it’s even officially launched in Singapore.

What makes them even more competitive is that many of the positions require applicants to have at least 5 to 10 years of experience in their fields, and they must also be well-equipped with an extensive list of skills.

Indeed, the company is looking for talented veterans to run its operations here in Southeast Asia.

Job openings a sign of possible launch?

While many might not fill the bill or be interested in applying for these positions, there’s another reason they might pique your interest.

The job openings are a sign that the platform might be available on our TVs and devices soon.


Disney+ offers fans a catalogue of our favourite childhood films, whether animated or live-action, as well as films from popular franchises like Marvel and Star Wars.

Hope the app comes to Singapore soon

Since the Disney Channel was removed from local cable TV on 1 Jun, we can imagine families with children will be the most excited for Disney+ to arrive in Singapore.


Hopefully, the highly anticipated streaming platform does not disappoint.

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Featured image adapted from Twitter.

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