6 More KTV Lounges Identified With Possible Ongoing Covid-19 Spread

Visitors advised to cut down social interactions for 14 days.

Fishmongers At 11 Markets Infected With Covid-19, AMK Food Centre To Close For 2...

MOH has urged the public to do their marketing during off-peak hours.

60 New Local Covid-19 Cases On 17 Jul Include 29 From KTV Cluster

The KTV cluster now has 149 cases.

Fishmongers At All S’pore Markets To Be Tested For Covid-19 & Given Test Kits

Public urged not to panic-buy seafood.

Yew Tee Vaccination Centre Visited By Covid-19 Case, It’ll Remain Open After Deep Cleaning

The infected person's close contacts will be notified by MOH.

Family KTVs Petition To Unclassify Them As Nightlife Operators, Claim Customers Are Different

The nightlife category is "overly broad" and they say they shouldn't be lumped into it.

53 New Local Covid-19 Cases On 16 Jul Include 32 From KTV Cluster

The KTV cluster continues to grow.

Residents At Little India Block To Get Covid-19 Tests After Confirmed Cases Found

Visitors to the block between 30 Jun & 14 Jul can get a test too.

Speculations About Teen Passing Away Due To Covid-19 Vaccine Are False, Says MOH

The speculations were circulated on FB, Telegram & WhatsApp.


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