2 Geylang Homeowners Refuse To Sell Terrace To Condo Developers

As Singapore continues to grow and develop, more residential areas are being built. Like all things, however, there’s inevitably a price to be paid.

In this case, old properties have to be acquired and demolished in order for new ones to be built.

Recently, developers looking to build a condominium along in Geylang encountered difficulties when 2 homeowners refused to sell their properties despite being offered high prices.

The developers have literally resorted to working around it as they build the condominium in a ‘U’ shape next to the 2 terrace houses.

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One of the houses is located in the middle of the condominium property while the other lies behind it.

Geylang Resident refuses to sell house late mother bought

One of the Geylang residents who refused to sell their house is 60-year-old Mr Goh.

Currently, his house is sandwiched between the construction site of Noma – an upcoming condominium – and La Brisa, another condominium.


Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, Mr Goh expressed that the house was bought by his late mother. He now lives with his sister in the Geylang residence.

Besides the sentimental value that the house holds, Mr Goh also reportedly enjoys sitting out in the garden – where angelfish and birds are kept – and watching the city “come to life”.

Mr Goh also felt that the freehold property lease is now hard to find.

The Noma condominium developer first approached the stretch of 7 landed houses with offers in 2017. While the other 5 houses struck a deal with the developer that amounted to $20.55 million, Mr Goh and another owner refused, reported 99.co.

Turns out, Mr Goh had apparently received tempting offers on previous occasions too.

In fact, this was already the second time Mr Goh refused a lucrative offer. Years ago, he also refused to sell to a developer that eventually built La Brisa condo — now located right beside his house.

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The Geylang resident was adamant that no amount of money will sway him, reports Shin Min Daily News.

Guillemard Road terrace is the lone house standing

Down the road, the owner of a property along Guillemard Road also refused to sell their home.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the first floor of the property is being used as a Buddhist hall while the second floor is occupied by the caretaker.

Speaking to the Chinese newspaper, the caretaker isn’t sure why the homeowner refused to sell the property.

Houses beside the residence, however, were all sold to the developer.

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As of Aug 2020, the house is the only one of its kind in the area and is surrounded by the construction site of Noma condominium.

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Condo to be built around Geylang terrace house

While Mr Goh’s refusal to sell his house does not disrupt the building of the new condominium much, the other property – which houses the Buddhist hall – will be right in the middle of it.

geylang terrace condoRed: Condo development
Yellow: Houses which were not sold 


This means the Noma condominium will literally be built around the house along Guillemard Road in a horseshoe shape.

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This makes for a site design that segments the condominium into 2 parts.

Conveniently located near several MRTs, coupled with the fact that it’s a freehold area, its easy to see why properties there are attractive to potential buyers.

Geylang is a highly sought after area

Given the above reasons, it is easy to see why homeowners will be reluctant to sell their long-time homes.

Nonetheless, we’re glad the developers eventually found a way to literally work around the dilemma. It certainly gives the new condominium some added character!

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