3-Room Geylang Bahru Resale Flat Transforms Into New York-Style Loft In 10 Weeks

To many of us, a HDB flat is just a flat, but designers at Insight.Out Studio saw much more than that when they started work on a 3-room Geylang Bahru unit.

Transforming it into a New York-style loft in 10 weeks, the end product looks nothing like a typical home here.


Their viral album takes us on a virtual tour of the beautiful abode. Let’s take a quick look around.

Brick & cement add industrial accents to Geylang Bahru loft

From the moment you step through the front door, you’d notice the longitudinal layout of the home, with the living room leading straight to the kitchen.


What distinguishes the 2 spaces is the difference in wall textures, with the living area boasting a realistic brick backdrop.

The industrial theme extends into the kitchen but with a cement wall this time, which complements the grey cabinets.


Besides shelving that runs along the entire length of the kitchen for maximum storage space, a long island sits in the middle, for easy food prep and meal times.


Imagine waking up to a piping hot cup of coffee and pancakes ready for you at the kitchen table.

Bedroom like a separate unit of its own

When you think of your bedroom as a safe haven, you’d really want it to be the most comforting place you can curl up in.

With sliding glass doors and an elevated floor, this one looks like a nest you can coop yourself up in for hours.


Step up into the bedroom and walk to the other end, where you’ll find yourself in an open concept, walk-in wardrobe.


That morning rush to get ready for work is a lot easier when your clothing space leads right to your bathroom.


No more embarrassing runs across the house to grab that underwear you forgot.

A great starter home for young Singaporeans

Whether you’re looking for a bachelor pad or a starter home for 2, a flat like this could tick all the right boxes.

No matter how small the size may be, all you need is some inspiration and a talented interior designer to bring your dream home to life.

Kudos to the Insight.Out Studio team for their creativity. Check out more of their work here.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.