PM Lee & Cambodian PM Agree To Disagree On Cambodian-Vietnamese War

You think, I thought, but don't need to confirm.

S’porean Cambridge Student Points Out Mahathir’s Flaws; M’sians Agree And Thank Him

"I have some Jewish friends, very good friends. They are not like the other Jews."

Han Hui Hui Delivers Baby; Inadvertently Supports PAP’s Childbirth Campaign

She claims she gave birth without doctors and painkillers.

HK Government Suspends Extradition Bill & Vows To Listen To The People

The protests have been far too disruptive.

Hong Kong Protest Turns Violent; Citizens Give Out Burgers & Pipagao Candy To Show...

Violence is temporary, kindness is forever.

Goh Chok Tong Believes Ruling Party Should Hold 80% Of Seats To Be A...

Keeping them in check without hindering progress.



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